Design Notes, Hallas and others

And I’m back, this time with more random notes on characters for Feast of the End, Lightning Heart. Also, there are still spoilers to my story, so I hope you will finish the book first.

Also, as of this being written, NaNoWriMo is coming up. I think I want to try joining it, even though I’ll probably fail badly. But what the hey. As of what I’m planning, what I want is to use the idea that came to me most recently, that way I have as little time to plan as possible. Yep, it’s going to be ridiculous.

Anyway, onto the characters. First up, Hallas

He was designed to be the hero, oddly enough. In most other stories, it would be him. He’s the one thrown into the battle arena, he’s the one that escapes, he’s the one with connections to a witch. I haven’t given his side of the story all the full details, but I try to make sure it has a matching timeline to what Selaf is doing. There are even characters in the book related more to him than Selaf, such as his foe, Dharuta.

What’s he’s up to will become much more important later on, though Selaf will always be the main character. He’s just the hero.

I don’t mention it in this book, but he’s a Lumian, a people with wildly colored hair. The tattoo magic the Lumian’s magical skill. I’ll discuss that more once he reenters the story.


Originally, she was designed as sort of a minor character, someone to play off Selaf until Sophy was introduced later on. There might be some similarities between the two characters. Well, at least they aren’t going to be meeting each other for the time being.

Once I wrote with her over several chapters, it just didn’t seem right to completely drop her out of the story. It would feel as kind of a large buildup for a character that never appeared again.

So early on, I decided Mina would be part of Hallas’s story as a sort of hero saves the girl kind of thing. She goes off with Hallas and is the heroine in his side of the story. I’m going to try and move her beyond a foil for Selaf, as Selaf has others now. She really does care about Selaf and thinks of them as friends, but there are more important people in her life.


If Mina was meant to only be a character for the early chapters, then Cal was only meant to be in one chapter to show off how Selaf doesn’t care about other people. He was originally just an unnamed boy that Selaf was supposed to stop and then that’s it. And then the bad thoughts about how he was going to be sent to Scar Hound set in.

I guess, to me, it felt too unhappy to do that to a child, so I had him break out with Hallas on that day. Then I had to have him in the story as well, though I decided to make him loyal to his home of Anmaul. The thing about Anmaul is that no one sees anything wrong with slavery as long as it isn’t happening to them. Even Cal is willing to accept it. he just prefers to be home.

He is a resourceful kid with actual friends on the streets, so he’s probably going to be okay. I don’t think he’s about to go find Selaf any time soon. Though they’re okay with each other, they aren’t exactly friends, more like acquantainces that will see each other and then pretend not to.

Next time, I’ll discuss the members of the Shining Sun Order.


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