Well, Nanowrimo has been going on for a few days now, and I think I’m on schedule so far. You can get links at the bottom of this post.

For Nanowrimo, most people suggest a plan, make outlines and stuff like that. I decided to just have a general idea and not plan at all. The reason being that if I wanted to go through all the proper planning phases, I would just do normal writing. I want to use Nanowrimo as sort of a panic write, just get it out there type of thing. That’s why I chose the most recent idea that came to me.

In general, I don’t plan out as much anyway. I have a end goal and a beginning. Everything else I make up either as I’m writing it, or as I’m writing something else. Nanowrimo is just that but super condensed.

The idea I had was a girl getting transported into a magical world. Now, I had the idea since I recently saw Oz The Great and Powerful. Then I read the original Wonderful Wizard of Oz book. Yep, that’s where I got the desire to do my own magical world version thing.

I think this will give me a chance to just make a fun world without thinking too much on the logic of it. If it happens, then the answer will be: Magic.

Feel free to read the story. I’ve provided links down below. I would suggest gdocs since it’s more up to date. Please feel free to leave comments on the Wattpad, but know that it’s not as up to date.

This is my first Nanowrimo, so wish me lucl. The month has just started.

The wattpad one I update less frequently, but it goes chapter by chapter.

The google docs one is where I do my writing, but it’ll just cut off wherever I stop.


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