My Works

Feast of the End, Lightning Heart – A fantasy story taking place in a world where the sun is made dim. Monsters roam the land and people draw on vile magics for survival. Yet the most frightening confrontations are those between people, capturing both the monsters and meek in between. Available at Amazon and Smashwords

Feast of the End, Wistful Article – The second book in the Feast of the end story. New lands, new monsters and new dangers face the two maids. In the island nation, a suspicious string of events is happening, sweeping up all on it. Available at Amazon.

Feast of the End, Ancient Mandate – The third and final part of Selaf’s story. With everything in place, a war is threatening to engulf the land. Now that Selaf has a home and people she cares about, how far would she go to protect them? Available at Amazon.

Milly – A childrens fantasy novel made for Nanowrimo. A young girl, Milly, finds herself transported to a myesterious world of magic and strange people. There, she tries to find a way back home. Along the way, she’ll see several new and exciting things, from great cities in the trees to a dangerous monsters. Please excuse any errors, I’ll fix them after Nanowrimo. Find it on Wattpad or a more up to date version direction on google docs.

The sequel to Milly written for Nanowrimo! Find it on google docs! It’s called Milly and the Dragon Cavern. In this second part, Milly travels to a rocky and hot land to help her friend.

The third book in the Milly series is now on google docs! It’s called Cornwilla and the Eternal Moonlight. This time, there is a new point of view character as she goes to a dark province searching for a way to restore the light.

The fourth book in my Nanowrimo Milly series! It’s called Milly and the Ice Ship Escapade. It’s on google docs here. In this part, Milly sets sail for the furthest reaches of an icy ocean to find a way home!


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