Into the Badlands, Finale

The third, and sadly final, season of Into the Badlands. With old enemies gone, it’s time for a new shift in how the Badlands works. Most of the barons are gone, leaving only the Widow and Chau vying for everything. A huge ware is taking place all over the area. Then there’s Pilgrim, a devout from the city of Azra, only he’s trying to build a new Azra inside the badlands. Everything will collide in blood and steel.

This is the second half of the third season. I will have spoilers from the first half. Go watch it if you haven’t. I like the show. It’s a fun, and I think non-adapted show full of martial arts action. The world of the Badlands is imaginative and brutal.

When we left in the first half, Pilgrim just got the power of the gift as well as the ability to grant it to everyone. Now he is in full takeover mode. It’s his way or death.

Together, the other main characters must band together to save the Badlands from Pilgrim’s rule. It’s great to see the characters grow closer together as allies starting with Bajie and the Widow. It does help they have a few other problems to take care of that helps them bond. Sunny and the Widow also has some good scenes.

The rest of the season wraps up most of what’s going on with the plot. This season wasn’t meant to be the last one, so unfortunately, that means a final episode that sets up new stuff. I would really like more episodes.

The second half of season three is more violent with some great actions scenes. Pilgrim and Cressida goes into full conflict with the rest of the Badlands, and both of them are creepy and unsettling.

Season three has a different feel compared to the first two. This time, there’s all out war everywhere, and a threat big enough that the main characters must put aside past grievances to deal with it. Just having them interact with each other more is great. It’s unfortunate that this original show has ended. I would be up for more.


The Orville, Season Finale

A great science fiction show. The Orville actually isn’t leaning much on the humor anymore. It’s more serious now, but still with a comedy slant. The characters are more like regular coworkers rather than an elite space exploration force, but that’s fine. It’s the charming part of the show.

I think the ratio of character-based episodes to exploration-based episodes is off, though. There are a lot of character-based episodes in season two, and usually without a science B-Plot. While I do think the more low-key stories allowed the show to save budget for some great space battles later on, I did want more adventures.

I think that was what was missing in the second season, a sense of new things. Most of the stories are about things we partially knew about from season one. There is a plot on Xelayans. A lot of Moclan stuff. Some about Kaylons. Of course the Krill, too. I think there’s only one or two episodes about things not introduced in the first season. While it is cool making the universe a more continuous place, I did want to see more new stuff.

The show is still really fun, and the characters are great. So when I say there are a lot of character-based episodes, they are still fun to watch. The humor is much more like banter between friends now rather. It’s not as prominent, but still funny when it happens. A turn to more serious stories works out really well for The Orville.

Season two feels different from the first season, but the characters are still fun to be with. It’s a place you want to go hang out and be a part of. Except for all the times where they go into really dangerous situation.

Also, there’s a new character in season two, a new xelayan. Talla Keyali replaces Alara as the chief security officer, and I think she does a really good job. She is older and more certain, so she gives off a different feel. Also, her family is considered strange by other Xelayans since they are career military. That leaves her open to other plots rather than how strange it is for one of them to be in the military.

Really hoping for more The Orville!

Gotham, Series Finale

The final season of Gotham, a most fun and ridiculous show. It started off trying to be a more realistic version of what Gotham was like before Batman. It was all crime lords and police. Then season two came along and they decided not to try to be a prequel that much. The writers changed things up and made their own version of Batman instead. That’s when things got fun. Each season after that, they just ramped things up more with Gordon dealing with a bunch of weirdos he has no patience for. The acting became hammier.

I really liked the shows take on the characters. I wasn’t sure how it would work making Penguin and Riddler main characters as it meant they couldn’t truly be stopped, but they kept up being entertaining all the way, even becoming more entertaining as they got more ridiculous. Barbara became a really fun character, too. Bullock was always fun. I think Lee was a bit strange in the last season as it seemed most of what happened to her in season 4 was forgotten, but I do like her character. Bruce and Selina are great to see. And Alfred is pretty cool. Lucius is alright, too.

Season five is the final season, and it tells the story of a Gotham up off from the mainland. They have to fight to survive as gangs rule the streets and super villains are running amok. This time, all of the main characters get to work together as there is someone else messing with Gotham, and everyone cares about the city. The dynamics are great between the main characters.

A lot of old characters come back for a bit of fun, too. Hugo Strange is back. Poison Ivy pops up. Tetch comes back. With the city gone to crap, everyone is trying to get a piece of it, and Jim has his work cut out to restore order and convince the federal government to help.

The atmosphere of the show is great as ever, and the presentation of the city is a gloomy grand feel. The season is shorter than the rest, but it was enough to tell a good story about trying to restore order. Though I think it was rushed towards the end. I think they added two episodes to the show after finishing primary filming, so the two extra episodes couldn’t be used to flesh out the story arc. I did enjoy the two, though, since they slowed down the plot a bit and gave time to the side characters to shine.

The final episode was a fun sendoff for the show. It takes place ten years later when Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham after a long trip. Things start getting crazy again. I think it is sad that the actor for Selina didn’t get to be in it as she was replaced by an older actor, but the older Selina did a fine job. It was a decent ending for the show, and we know what happens next with the era of Batman. Also, Penguin and Riddler were delightful in the last episode.

Farewell to Gotham. A great, moody show full of ridiculousness.

Miracle Workers

A comedy show in which angels tries to stop the world from blowing up. Heaven is a corporation with God as the boss, the God want’s something new, so he decides to blow up the Earth, thank partially to Eliza, the newest angel on staff. To fix her blunder, Eliza makes a bet that she can get two socially awkward people to kiss within fourteen days. If she does, the Earth will be spared.

It’s a fun concept that works out really well. Each of the characters in the show are endearing in different ways, even those that initially come off as jerks. You get to see them at vulnerable points where you want them to succeed, then you get to see that they are good at their jobs. Except for God, though. But he’s fun in different ways.

The corporation has lost its passion for running Earth, and Earth pretty much doesn’t listen anyway. This leads to the world we have, a chaotic place of both good and bad things. Most of the staff doesn’t care since their boss doesn’t. Only a small group of people in the Department of Miracles is actively trying to save the world.

They start with Craig and Eliza. Craig is the guy that’s been working there for thousands of years, yet he’s meek and doesn’t like risk. Slowly, he learns that drastic actions must be taken to save the world, but he still just wants to help people find their lost keys and gloves the most rather than anything more impressive. Eliza is the new girl that has to save the world since she caused the bet in the first place. To do so, she’s more impulsive and wants to do bigger things.

God, played by Steve Buscemi has a wonderful presence. He’s goofy through most of the show, but you do get to see a wrathful side that could potentially flood the world a long time ago. Now, he just wants to open a restaurant instead. He also gets a fair bit of development, perhaps the most. While he’s an annoying character, his scenes feel lively and fun.

Each episode focuses on a different character while they try to get the two socially awkward people together. More and more people join the group to save the world.

This is a limited series. I want more, but telling a full story without dragging things out is also good. Miracle Workers is funny and full of strange situations. It is good-natured, leaving a good feeling all around. Each of the characters are fun and endearing. It is a fun little show.

Black Lightning, Season 2

What is going on in this season? What even? The first season had a tight story line. This season, it’s all over the place with several stories that haven’t even resolved. There were some interesting episodes in the middle of all the random stuff that might be considered filler since they weren’t related to anything else, but they were really interesting.

This season, every member of the Pierce family has plot that, most of the time, is unrelated. Tobias Whale also has his story thread that’s even more unrelated. This leaves a lot of back and forth between different plot lines making the season feel disjointed.

An issue I have with the season is how much it deals with family drama rather than actual super heroing. Black Lightning mostly shows up to help his family rather than helping Freeland. Somewhat, it makes sense as there are few bad guys of the week, so that leaves little opportunity for Black Lightning to do much.

I think the best plot of the season was between Jennifer and Khalil. They had a full story with time to develop and some consequences that lasted most of the season.

While I’m not saying every show needs a villain-of-the-week, I think Black Lightning could use something to break up story a bit, especially since things progress slowly. The Looker part was fun and different. Though I hear Looking in the comics is really different, this can be considered just Looker in name only. Still, it was different, and it was a villain-of-the-two-weeks. That’s great. It gives more time to the smaller stories.

The ending of the season feels pretty rushed as well, like it could have been a two-parter easily. Black Lightning’s season 2 has too much going on with not enough happening, if that makes sense.

Star Wars Resistance

Star Wars Resistance is the latest animated cartoon taking place in the Star Wars galaxy. This time, the show takes place shortly before Episode 7. Kaz has been recruited to be a resistance spy and figure out what the First Order wants on a remote station in a world mostly covered by water. Of course, Kaz isn’t exactly a trained spy, so he must learn on the job. BB-8 helps him and Poe is around for a few episodes too.

The show starts off slow as Kaz learns his way around the station and his job. He gets into a lot of hijinks, usually one per episode, and makes some friends along the way, such as Neeku. I think the beginning part takes a bit too long. The show could have introduced characters and concepts a bit faster. At least one character introduced doesn’t seem to have any meaning for the first season. Maybe in later seasons, but not his one, so that episode felt even more disconnected.

Later, though, once the First Order starts having more of a presence and Kaz no longer feels like the new guy on the station, the story gets more intriguing. It starts to feel more connected to the wider struggles of the galaxy. Later on in the season, things start to really pick up. There are pirates attacking, First Order scheming, and more. It’s also interesting to see how people not in the Resistance view the First Order.

A problem I have with the planet Kaz is on, is that we don’t really get to see it. The only thing we see is the ocean the station is located. What else is there? Is there any huge land masses on the planet? Trees? Anything at all? We only get to see a tiny portion of it, making the planet itself boring.

Oh, there is also no force shenanigans happening in this series as of yet. The show still manages some great shots with some mysterious things going on.

Star Wars Resistance starts off slow, but it gets better as characters get more developed and complex, and schemes start taking off. I am looking forward to what’s coming up next.


The fans of this show, wow. To tell what I know of it, this show was canceled in the first season. But due to fan response, the network renewed it for a second season. Then it was canceled in the second season. Again, due to fan response, the show got a two episode wrap-up to complete the story. Those are some dedicated fans.

What is Timeless? A show about time travelers trying to stop evil time travelers from messing with history. The show is fun at times, but nothing fantastic. I liked the characters, though in the second season, they got a lot of romance drama in there. Still, I liked the second season for them incoporating the other characters into the time traveling more. It spiced things up to rotate the cast a bit, and I think they could have done some of that in the first season.

Now on to the final wrap-up. The last two episodes don’t feel different from any other episode, at least in terms of tone. There are still dramatic character moments and problems to be solved in history. The cast that remains in the present gets more to do, though, and are pretty important, which I liked.

Is it good or bad that the episodes don’t feel different? I was looking forwards to a fun, all-out two-parter, but more of normal Timeless is fun, too. Things do feel rushed, though, which I think is due to them compressing most of the plot of the third season into two episodes. They did their best to give weight to certain things, but the plot had to move along.

At least this time, there’s no massive cliffhanger. Timeless’s time has come to an end, so they must complete the story. It could have been grander, but all of the character arcs have come to a close. We got some great callbacks. It is a fine ending to the series. I had fun jumping around time with Timeless.