Short Show Reviews

Here we go! A rapid-fire of shows I’ve watched. Some of the seasons aren’t done. Most are. But I feel like I have a good sense of how I like them. Some of these are things I’ve done previously, and my opinion hasn’t changed much on them. So this is a rapid fire round.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The best show based on a comic book on TV! This season is great, and with a reduced budget, too. They make it work with great twists and great character interactions.

Gotham: The second-best show based on a comic book on TV! This show gets a little spread out with all of the characters and side-plots, but the villains are always fantastic. Gordon is becoming quite jaded, yet he’s still the hero. And Bruce is developing along his path nicely.

Scorpion: I consider this a comedy show, and I liked the ridiculousness. Kinda bummed it’s not getting another season, but I can understand it. The show is pretty silly.

Deception: I liked the concept behind this buddy cop show. It was cool. Sad it only got one season.

iZombie: The show seems to be making the case of the week less important, and I think it weakens the show a bit. There is an interesting main plot going along with no clear antagonist and no real good decisions on how to deal with all the new zombies. Liv is still fun to see, though her original personality seems few and far in between now.

Supergirl: I’m liking the season. The World Killers are a strong enemy, and I think they’re working well, even with almost an entire season around them. Nothing really stands out about the show, but it is still enjoyable. This season has more reasonable relationship stuff, I think.

Timeless: More time travel shenanigans. I like them upgrading the ship to seat four people. It gives the rest of the cast a chance to do more rather than show up in the front and end of the episode. Everyone gets some time-travel fun! The mixups makes the missions more interesting.

Blindspot: Hmm. I’m not sure what it is about the show, but I really like it. All new tattooes this time around. There seems to be more relationship drama, though. I do like Rich dot com being a recurring character. He’s great.

The NCIS’s: I mean, what can I say about them? They’re here doing their thing.

Being the series finale, I’ll give Once Upon a Time it’s own post soon. Some other shows are more in the middle of the season, so I’ll do them later.


Black Lightning

The newest superhero show on the CW, though I hear it wasn’t originally developed for the CW. That explains the different feel it has from the rest of the shows. Black Lightning feels more mature, in a sense. It still has humor and comic-book elements, but just the way people behave, they’re less melodramatic. There are conflicts between characters, but it doesn’t come off as characters being dumb or contrived. There’s meaningful interaction whenever characters disagree.

That makes this show feel different and done well. The show centers around Jefferson Pierce, retired superhero known as Black Lightning that’s forced to come back once the area he lives in starts getting riddled with more and more crime. He is helped by Gambi, the tech guy and the operator. Gambi is the one that provides the suit and intel. His nemesis, Tobias Whale, the man that killed his father.

Hmm, some there will be some spoilers throughout. There’s just things I want to say about information that’s revealed during the course of the show. But if you want a superhero show with a solid storyline and less meaningless drama, Black Lightning will be for you. And it also tackles issues faced by black people pretty well and from multiple sides.

Anyway, Black Lightning’s family is a huge part of the show because his wife know’s he’s Black Lightning and doesn’t approve, but she never feels like one of those people that drags Black Lightning down. Rather, the two of them are still great together. The show restarts their relationship as they try to handle two daughters, one teen, one adult, and navigate Jefferson being back as a superhero.

The daughters are both great characters. They’re not annoying and both contribute to the plot in different ways. The family is an important part to the show, and they lift Black Lightning up higher than he would be if he was alone.

The action on this show is alright. Jefferson has more than just blasting people with lightning bolts. His hand-to-hand stuff is really cool. He adds a shock to each punch making the scenes feel powerful and flashy.

I actually thought the plot took quite a bit from the Netflix series Daredevil, both in style and a few of the points. Of course, there’s enough differences, but I could see the inspirations.

Black Lightning has a different tone from the rest of the CW shows. The drama is kept focused on the problem. The side plots usually are related in some way to the main plot, too. The characters feel more mature and smart. They talk things out, and even when they’re upset with each other, they still try to work through it without dragging everything else down.

The antagonists in the show are great, too. Tobias Whale is threatening, and he has some cool henchpeople. There’s also a shadowy government organization going around. They both have different feels, but both are good additions. They intersect without crowding each other. The pacing of the show is pretty good, overall.

Looking forwards to some more Black Lightning.

Legends of Tomorrow, Season 3

This will be another shorter review. My thoughts on this show is still much in line with Season 2. They have found their groove. They know how to work with a large cast. And overall, this show is fun and touching. The Legends of Tomorrow know how to strike a balance. They have great bad guys, too.

A quick introduction, the Legends of Tomorrow are a bunch of self-admitted screw-ups trying to fix time. An ancient evil is trying to break out. Their old foe has come back to life. There’s a super smart gorilla. All in a week’s work for the legends.

The show just works so well. It know what it wants to be, and that is goofy with heart. Newcomers this season is Zari, and she fits right in with several scenes and an entire episode devoted to her. I am enjoying her interactions with the team. She’s sort of the new guy, rebel trying to bend the rules of time to her advantage. By the end of the season, she’s rolling right with all of the craziness going on.

The villain they fight with this season is Damien Dahrk, back from the dead, and his evil magical daughter. They are a great pair and over the course of the season, both of them get some great scenes. I won’t say too much, but Damien is particularly great this time around. He has that humor while being evil and violent. He really matches the tone of the show well. His daughter, Nora, is a bit more serious and contrasts well.

The Legends of Tomorrow is still a fun show about seeing the crew in period costumes messing up and saving the day.

Hail Beebo.

Star Wars Rebels, Series Finale

Aw, it’s over. It was quite a wonderful journey. Star Wars Rebels is an animated show set in the Star Wars universe. When it first started, the exact timeframe was a bit ambiguous. All we knew was that it was some time before Episode 4 and after Episode 3, closer to 4. It started off as a bunch of individual episodes on the crew of the Ghost, including Jedi Kanan and his new apprentice, Ezra Bridger. Together, they get a lot of growth throughout the series with Ezra becoming pretty formidable in his own right.

But wait, doesn’t that mean there are other Jedi out there in the Universe when Luke should be the only one around? Well, the series does explain that.

The other members of the Ghost are all great, as well. And as always, Star Wars really knows how to make a cool and engaging droid character, even if Chopper only speaks in beeps. All of the droids are legimate characters with their own stories at times.

As the show goes on, it gets more and more settled into the galaxy of Star Wars. I was really glad to find out it only takes place a few years at most before Episode 4. And towards the end of the series, it was probably right before the start of Rogue One.

The last season of Star Wars Rebels starts several long storylines instead of a few shorter ones. They really put the characters through a lot of stuff, but they come out better and stronger than before. It’s a bit of a change, but it really makes the last season feel grand.

The final conflict goes back to Lothal, Ezra’s home planet. The show started there, and it ends there with the Rebels trying to get the Empire off and retaking the planet. To do that, they call in all the allies they accumulated over the course of the series. None from the Rebellion, though, since the Rebellion is busy dealing with the Empire in other locations. So it’s just their little rebel band.

It brings the show back to a more initimate setting, where everyone is important and has a stake in what’s going on.

The show also doesn’t forget about mystical Force stuff. There was a lot of wonder in the previous seasons, and there is a lot of it in this season. The Force feels so wonderful and amazing here. There are quite a bit of amazing pieces going on.

Star Wars Rebels is a great addition to the Star Wars story. It might feel a bit kiddy at times, but then at other times they go and do some serious stuff that shows a lot of heart from everyone. And as the show gets more settled into the galaxy, it just gets better. I so want more from the animated side of Star Wars. Perhaps a sequel series, eh? The ending left much to be explored.

The Librarians Season 3

This is going to be a shorter post. This is the third season of the Librarians, and for those that watched the previous 2, you know what you’re getting. If you’re starting out, the Librarians is a cheesy (in the good way) show about people trying to protect the world from magical artifacts. They use a lot of smarts and a decent amount of brawn.

This season feels a lot more focused compared to the last one. There is an ongoing thread of tethering to the Library and who should do it. If the Library isn’t tethered, it’s going to disappear, so one of the Librarians and a Guardian has to do it. Of course, the first choice is Flynn.

He’s around a lot more this time around. At times, it seems like he takes over as the main Librarian again, and the three that I got to know and enjoy were pushed to the side. But Flynn is still cool to watch.

Also, the others all get a focus episode, so that really helps. The characterization is really good and fun to watch. I enjoyed all of them getting a chance to be the star. Also, Jenkins. He is great this season. He get’s quite a bit of focus and I really liked his episode.

Now, for some super spoilers on the last episode. Don’t read past here if you haven’t seen the season finale.

Whoa. I am kind of upset they did a time reset thing. All the character development, gone! Especially Jenkins! I liked the new him, with actual friends outside of the library. I hope he still somehow still gets friends outside of the Library.

Overall, I liked this season a lot. It brings back a good plot running through the season and mixes in really enjoyable episodes for each character. Hoping for more.

Over the Garden Wall, My Favorites

Over the Garden Wall is a charming and short series that is awesome all of the time. It stars two children lost in the woods and trying to get home. On their way, they encounter all sorts of crazy situations and strange characters. Each episode is short and packed with so much to see and experience. The world over the garden wall is an imaginative and whimsical one that still has its dark spots.

I really like the series because it’s like a modern-day fairy tale. I mean, it takes place in the past, of course, but it’s made up by modern minds. There are witches, talking birds, ghastly spirits and more roaming the woods. The world is mysterious and unsettling. Like peeling off the thin layer of happiness would reveal some thing horrible underneath.

The main characters are a pair of brothers. The older one, Wirt, wants to get home and doesn’t have time for all of the strangeness that goes on. The younger brother, Gregory, is boundlessly happy and upbeat at all times. They are joined by a guide leading them through the woods, a talking bluebird, Beatrice. Beatrice has her own brand of snark and sarcasm at whatever the brothers are going through.

Their chatty banter is great as is how each one interacts with the world. It becomes especially clear when they split up at times. Wirt tends to get roped into things while Gregory gleefully goes in. Beatrice gets roped in, too, by the brothers wandering nature. The group just works together.

Oh, and the songs. There are songs in this show and they are charming and haunting at the same time.

Over the Garden Wall is an imaginative fairy tale story that has several layers to what’s being shown. While the story sounds simple, it’s not. There’s more going on. The individual episodes are great, even when not considering the overall story. This is a great cartoon for all to experience.

The Gifted

A take on the mutants and the X-gene. This is based on the X-men comics, but no X-men show up. For some reason or another, they’ve disappeared and designated a group known as the Mutant Underground to help mutants. Of course the Mutant Underground is being hunted by Sentinel Services. And their troubles just got a whole lot more with the arrival of the Struckers.

For those that know the world of Marvel comics, the name Strucker should raise an eyebrow or two. For those that don’t you’ll get some Strucker information through the show. Things kick off when the youngest Strucker child, Andy, develops mutant powers, forcing the entire family to go on the run. As it turned out, his older sister, Lauren, also has powers. Their father is a lawyer that prosecutes mutants, and their mother is a nurse. I like that the father immediately drops everything to help his family. There’s no choice about it at all. He knows what he needs to do, and he just happens to know about the Mutant Underground.

Like most works of the X-men, the show tackles what it’s like to be different and have people hate a person, sometimes justified, sometimes not. Overall, there’s not a clear solution, and the show works to show that. A lot of mutants do have a harsh life, and others are working to create a new world for mutants.

The dynamic between characters is really well done here. There’s drama, but people work things out like adults and move past it. Most of the time, at least. I didn’t find anyone overly annoying, though Andy is the one that complains the most. It’s understandable, though. He has powers that no one wants him to use all while being hunted down by Sentinel Services. The Strucker family is all pretty great, actually. They find ways to make both parents useful despite neither of them having powers. The Struckers never feel like they don’t belong in the show.

The struggle between the Mutant Underground and Sentinel Services gets more complicated as other players are brought into the mix. I’ll not spoil things too much, but the show isn’t afraid to dive deeper into the X-men world. And they do their best to show off powers, too.

While most of the time the mutants are trying to keep a low profile, they’ll start with the abilities if they have to, and it looks pretty good. I’m hoping for more powers next season, and better uses of them. I especially want Blink to use her powers more. Sure, in season 1, she’s still new at it and practicing, but I want to see her go to, like, Days of Future Past levels of skilled at some point in the series. I think the show chooses their mutants well that showcases both powers and physical mutations.

I am liking what’s being put out by the Gifted and am looking forward to more.25