New Season of Shows

For those reading in the future, this was posted near the end of September, where American Television starts showing new seasons of old favorite shows and premiering what they hope to be the next hit. I’m excited to start catching up with all of the old characters again. There are a bunch of new shows, which I might checkout, though my DVR recording’s are getting pretty tight already.

I think perhaps I’m most excited for Sleepy Hollow. New supernatural action mixed with inaccurate American History, along with some fun characters. And as a fan of NCIS, I now have 3 different locations of NCIS per week now. And Castle, too. That was a ridiculous wreck last season, quite in the literal sense. It came out of nowhere, and I hope it doesn’t have a quick resolution. And a whole bunch of other shows, too.

Hmm, is there some research that says shows don’t do well during the summer or something? I think spreading them out would allow more shows a chance to thrive instead of throwing every channel’s programming directly against each other. I don’t know about other people, but I certainly would like to watch new shows during the summer.

Since I’m here, I guess I will talk about things I don’t like happening in shows. First is random cliffhanger season finales. I think the Season 5 finale of NCIS: LA was pretty bad in that. Spoilers if you haven’t seen it, yet. Anyway, Sam and G get trapped in a suicide submarine by random antagonists we’ve never seen before. The episode plays out mostly like normal, so there was no build up to it.

The Season 4 finale also put everyone in peril, but that was at the culmination of a season-long story. And they faced the same antagonist multiple times before. It was much more gripping because the stakes felt higher because the conflict was more set up.

In general, though, I don’t like those cliffhanger style endings, which I’ve stated before. If the show happens to get canceled, welp, all the characters just died. It also means people have way too much time to examine the situation, coming up with a lot of theories, so the writers of the show will have to pull out something great to make an unexpected outcome. Or, the viewers forget most of what happened, which isn’t also that great.

Another thing I don’t like is the sort of will-they-won’t-they plot. Romance seems to be shoved in everywhere, even in shows that don’t particularly benefit from it. And then, to keep tension in that plotline, the writers won’t just have the two characters get together.

Outside forces keeping the characters apart, I don’t mind so much. The character’s themselves keeping each other apart, a little annoying but alright. If they get together and self-destruct, then I get annoyed. The more time the show spends on two people’s self-destructing relationship, the less interested I am in it.

Of course, this is all for shows in which the relationship is not the primary purpose of you watching. If the point of the show is character relationships, then anyway the writer wants to play it is fine.

I prefer happy people in shows or a mixture of happy and unhappy. Having everyone angst and unhappy makes for depressing viewing. It might make for a good experience and story, but, to me, it’ll also feel like a slog and something I don’t want to experience more than once, if I want to experience it once at all.

Whew, this complaints rant has gotten a little long. Sorry about that. Enjoy the new season of shows!