Once Upon a Time

This season, more magic mumbo-jumbo, more feelgood tomfoolery, more fairy tales! Geeze, the season has been so long that I almost forgot it started out with the land of untold tales along with Jekyll and Hyde. That was a really cool part of the story, and so was the land of untold tales. But they revert back to Storybrooke soon enough. I wanted to spend more time in the other world. It was interesting and cool.

This season was quite a ride, actually. They had the savior storyline running throughout, but threats came and went every few episodes. There was a long-lasting one, of course, but it didn’t feel like it while watching the show. Still, less things were dropped this season, I think.

Overall, this show is fairy tale fun. There’s a magical solution to everything, and the good guys are usually too dumb or reactionary to win without pulling some kind of magic out. I just kind of want Emma and the others to be smarter. Stop trusting Gold! Check up on him if you ask him to do stuff! If you hold something important in your hand, stop people from magicking it away! Or magic it back from them.


Still, I watch this show for the magic and for the fun family bonding. Regina is still great. And I really like Zelena, now, too. I enjoy the hopeful tone of the story, and how most people will be good. Seeing Regina and Zelena happy just makes me happy.

Emma and her family are also still fun to watch. Overall, this season is about the same as the previous ones. Though it does tout as having the final battle. I didn’t watch from the beginning, so I don’t know about the entire Savior lore, but apparently, the savior is only around when a great evil is? And that evil is not the Dark One since the Dark One seems to be from another thing entirely.

Well, it’s all in good fun. The writing isn’t fantastically smart, but it is hopeful and full of goodness. People will be saved by magic, but the good guys will never plan for the bad guys just taking things by magic. And there is a next season, too. It’s making me curious based on all the news about the series.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

My favorite comic book show. Even among non-comic book shows, this is still tops. This season, Ghost Rider! Robbie Reyes one. I do not know of this character. Still, they did Ghost Rider fantastically in the show. He’s an unstoppable force, especially once the Rider takes over.

There will be spoilers for the season throughout, though not much for the last few episodes.

It takes a while for Daisy to finally get over the Hive thing, but it’s great once she does. Shield also has a new director, Jeffrey Mace. I always thought the guy was alright. What this show does great is that it doesn’t make characters outright dislikable. Everyone has a point, and Jeffery Mace had some good points about Coulson’s team just doing what they want.

Radcliffe, too, despite him going off and betraying Shield, he is still very much their friend. It makes him a great character. He thinks what he’s doing is right, and he still likes all of the Shield agents despite them trying to stop him.

The show does long seasons really well. They divide up the season into several smaller arcs, three this time. But there still is a running thing that ties the season together. This one is the Darkhold. It starts and ends with it.

The best arc out of the bunch has got to the the Framework arc. Yeah, they have the standard if you die in the simulation you die in real life, but it’s what gives the arc the sense of danger. What’s best is the acting during the arc. Everyone is great, and seeing the world all topsy-turvy is just devious. It produces, perhaps, some of the best acting on the show.

Though the LMD arc was also fantastic. LMD stands for Life Model Decoy, which are basically robot replacements of people to help the real person stay safe. And AIDA, the main LMD, is fantastic. The actress, Mallory Jansen, does so well in this show. She plays so many different variations of AIDA and has so many subtle things doing on. She’s great.

The fight scenes in this show is still great, and so are the special effects. They know how to do what they want to do, and they don’t try to overreach. They show off the powers great.

What this show does so well is they set up expectations and then shatters them. Like during the LMD arc, LMD detected among a group of people coming in. Who’s the LMD? All of them. All of them are the LMDs. It happens a lot in the show. They don’t take the easy way out at all. Talking the enemy down rarely works. The agents struggle for each victory and each one is well deserved.

Yeah, season 5! Let’s go!

Dark Matters, Season 2

The second season for Dark Matter is over! And it has been one fun ride with all sorts of crazy new things. It’s sad that the crew is no longer all together, but this show does mix things up.

This season brings about new crewmates Nyx and Devon. They were both prisoners in the maximum security prison that the crew was taken to at the end of last season after being arrested. Nyx is a mysterious individual that can somehow keep up fighting with both Four and Two. Devon is a doctor with a drug problem.

Unfortunately, we lost One. Yes, it might seem like a spoiler, but it happens pretty early on. One get shot and killed. But who knows? We might see him again. Wink. Wink. I really enjoyed One in the previous season, though the dynamics of the crew actually doesn’t seem that bad without him. Now that most of the members aren’t unrepentent assholes, One’s influence isn’t as necessary. And they still have Five if they need a morality boost.

The interaction between the characters is still a high point. Six gets some great moments with each of the original crew. Three becomes even more likeable. Four has an interesting course of development that I’ll mention a bit later. Two really grows into a full leadership role with people she can trust and rely on. Five just seems to be getting more awesome by the episode. And the android is just fantastic.

This season sets up a lot of stuff but also leaves a lot of stuff hanging. It’s like there is a main plot, but there’s a whole bunch of other stuff off to the side that will probably be revisited. There’s not a lot of wasted episodes in this season, even if their immediate purpose isn’t apparent. And a lot of stuff will probably still be around in season 3.

Okay, time for some more spoiler thoughts.

It does make each season feel less important, more like it’s just a break rather than an end of a segment of the story. And that season finale, ugh, what a cliffhanger. It’s one of those everyone is in danger types. I just hope it takes a bit of effort to fix in season 3.

The Android is still my favorite character. I just like her eye movements and her short but enthusiastic response to things. I’m glad she doesn’t keep the upgrade all the time. Her being too human sort of ruins the fun of her character.

Devon, well, I wonder if they’ll ever revisit him? The crew never finds out about what happened to him. And I don’t know what he did that was bad enough to land in a maximum security prison.

Five actually seems to be getting too good at things. If it’s not fighting, she pretty much hasn’t been stopped this season. I think they should tone her down a bit.

Four, whoa. I don’t even know what to think. The show isn’t afraid to shake up the core crew, so it’s really possible that Four is gone forever and it’s all Ryo now. That would be pretty cool, especially of Nyx stays on the crew, which I hope she does.

I’m really looking forward to the next season. Dark Matters is still a fun, flying adventure with a strong focus on the crew of the ship.

Killjoys, Season 2 Finale

The sci-fi show about bounty hunters is back! Though in the second season they do a lot less bounty hunting because they are worried about some bigger, mysterious picture. I noted that in season one, the setting of the show was a bit hard to follow. I think quite a few people must have said that, because they’re now including a map of Quad in the opening credits. That, and after one season, I am much more well-versed in the locations of the show.

I did want to do a recap of the locations, until after I thought about it and realized I’m forgetting something. So I won’t.

I enjoyed the first season of the show. The second season is even better than that! Now the show really delves into the mythology of the world as well as the Level 6 Rac Agents. What I am surprised with is how many people I thought died in the first season is actually still alive. Not that I mind. The rotating cast of secondary characters is pretty great.

Building on the more weird elements really does wonders for the show, I think. It now has a strong story to tie together the entire season. Though I do miss those random missions at times, the team has more important stuff to worry about now.

Like I said before, I really enjoy the rotating cast of secondary characters. Pree is possibly my favorite of the lot, but the others are all good. Thanks to the show being grounded around the Quad instead of hopping around the galaxy, it allows a cast of characters and the setting to really develop.

Overall, I think the politics of the show is much easier to follow this season around, and it makes the world much more enjoyable. Season 2 is definitely stronger than season one in pretty much every way.

Dutch, Davin and Johnny are still quip machines at times and really shows the pain of the character’s at other times. Sometimes it’s at the same time. And now, as of the season finale, we finally get to the real conflict going on in the Quad. It’s wild, I’ll say that.

Killjoys is offically renewed for season 3! Fantastic. I don’t know how the show will be like moving on. They might keep the bounty hunting aspect, but with how things shaped up, they might drop that entirely. Who knows? But I can’t wait to find out.

Wayward Pines, Season 2 Finale

Wow, never expected a season 2. I was suprised to see one happening. Since I liked the premise of the first season, of course I went and watched it. Season 2 takes a large shift in tone. It probably has to since keeping up the mystery thing doesn’t work when season 1 already revealed all the answers. I’m kind of glad. I don’t need a brand new mystery in the town.

So, what happens now that everyone, and this will be spoiler information from season 1. If you’re at all interested, at least check out the first half of season 1, which is when the answers are revealed. Anyway, in season 2, what happens when everyone knows they are in the year 4000 something and surrounded by a new, dangerous race of abbies?

It’s a new season where martial law reigns. The leader ofthe town is Jason, who has taken over Pilcher’s ideals and is doing what he thinks is right to keep everyone alive, including a rough suppressing of anyone that tries to rebel against him. Things get shaken up by a new person being awakened, Theo Yedlin.

Dr. Yedlin is the only doctor around, apparently, since even after he shows a great willingness not to listen, they don’t just freeze him up again for another doctor. Anyway, like most people from the old world, Theo doesn’t like his new future, and he doesn’t like what’s going on where Jason is a dictator is in charge of everything.

The second season is a lot more about how would a town survive in a hostile world where they can’t get the resources they need and the locals want to kill you. Oh, and if you fail, the last of humanity goes.

The abbies are much more of a threat this time around. There’s more of them, and they still want to break through the barrier. Everyone is stressed and on edge. Each episode throws in new challenges and stresses and shows both how the leadership deals with things and how the normal people do.

I think it’s an interesting look at this kind of society after everyone else in the world is gone. I enjoyed most of the episodes even if it is really different from the first season.

There’s a whole new cast, really, for this season. I think out of all the new characters, CJ stands out for me. He’s thoughtful and careful while still being intense. The others are alright, though I will say Doctor Yedlin annoys me at times. He’s definitely abusing the fact that he’s useful.

I do have a higher than normal amount of spoiler thoughts, so they will follow. If you liked season 1, and I thought it was alright, might as well see where the story goes. Now for some spoiler thoughts.

I originally didn’t like them taking an all new cast of characters. The season 1 characters are mostly back for a few episodes. Out of everyone, Megan surprisingly survived and is around for a while! Pilcher, too, is also in a lot of flashbacks. It’s cool to have callbacks to season 1, but they already had the perfect reason why those characters would no longer be in season 2, Jason froze all of them! But they bring them back just for a few episodes each anyway.

There are some nice callbacks to the first season, too, and seeing more of the founding of the town is cool. The season ends with just as much of a what’s next feeling as the first season, but with completely different circumstances.

I feel that most of Doctor Yedlin’s complaints about how the town is run should be for after Humanity gets back on their feet. If your entire population is in one town protected by a wall, some extreme measures need to be taken. Of course Jason still made quite a few bad decisions, too. Overall, living in that kind of place will do that to a person.

I am not expecting a season 3, but if one comes along, sure, I’ll watch it.

Wynonna Earp, Season Finale

When I first heard of this show, I really didn’t know what to think. Being that I like female main characters so I thought, yeah, why not, let’s go check it out! What I got was something fun and awesome. This show is a fantasy western set in modern times with all sorts of style and attitude.

The main character, Wynonna Earp, is the descendent of legendery gunman Wyatt Earp. Her sisters are Waverly and Willa. Her father is Ward. See that alphabetical theme naming in action. Wyatt has been cursed, and all of the people that has been cursed come back to life. That’s why his heirs must put them down again each time.

Now, Wynonna is the heir. She is sassy, full of attitude and is just slightly broken. She is a rude and crude girl that has to deal with all of the dead coming back out. They hate her, they dragged away her father and sister. And she wants revenge on all of them. Most of them happen to be assholes, too, since that was why Wyatt killed them in the first place.

Rounding out Wynonna’s team is her younger sister, Waverly, a plucky nice girl. Marshall Dolls, an outsider to the small town that’s been sent to contain the paranormal threat. And John Henry Holliday, a mysterious individual with the style and sensibilities of the old west. Wynonna, along with Wyatt’s gun, Peacemaker, must take on a new threat each week.

Unlike some other shows, Wynonna is sometimes proactive in going after the undead revenants. She’s especially pissed at the party of seven that attacked and dragged away half of her family. While some revenants are just plain assholes, there are quite a lot that also hate their situation of coming back to life every time. They’re trapped, they can’t die, things suck for them, too. It makes the whole situation that much sadder, and Wynonna uses her snarkiness to cover up how much doing that sort of thing gets to her.

The main antagonist revenant, Bobo del Ray, is fun to watch. He just has style and a threatening presence. He’s the one with the plot on how to let all of the revenants escape, and that’s going to get him clashing with Wynonna a lot.

This show just has all the makings of a fun fantasy story set in the style of the old west. Yet all of the modern conveniences don’t feel out of place at all. The story is a lot more deep than it first lets on, and all of the characters are pretty fun to watch.

Time for some finale spoilers. Stop here if you haven’t seen Wynonna Earp yet and go check it out! It was a nice surprise for me.

Whoa. Who knew that the barrier keeping the revenants in was also keeping something worse out. That was some nice special effects at the end there. It looks like the paranormal is getting ramped way up for the second season.

Blindspot, Season Finale

Blindspot is a show about a woman with no memories and with tattoos all over her body. She is put in the middle of, uh, I want to say Times Square, but I might not be remembering the first episode correctly. The name of an FBI agent , Jurt Weller, is on her body. She may or may not be his childhood friend that disappeared. Oh, her tattoos are also linked to a lot of corruption in the government and secret criminal organizations everywhere. Each week, they decode one of the tattoos and it leads them to their case.

If you can get past the premise, it’s an enjoyable enough show. Nothing really stands out, but it’s nice how all the agents on Kurt’s team has plot that is eventually folded into the main going on’s with Jane Doe, the tattoo woman.

The most unbelievable aspect of the show is how they always decode the right tattoo in time to stop the thing. Though sometimes, the thing only happens because the agents discover the plot, and another time, the people that tattooed Jane had to step in to give them information since the thing was going down now.

The main plot running through the show is Who is Jane and who did it to her.


Jane did it to herself. She works for some nebulous organization with some unknown goals.

This show is full of conspiracy theories, secret programs and corrupt individuals. The show also has a love of extreme closeups on the characters’ faces. Like, they take up 5/6th of the screen constantly. It’s kinda weird, but I’ll roll with it.

I enjoy this show well enough. It’s not something I wait for specifically, but it’s also something I’ll be alright with if it sticks around. The stakes get shaken up towards the end of the season, so it’ll be interesting to see where the show goes from there. Jurt seems to mumble a lot and has only one facial expression, but the other characters are all decent. I actually like the psychiatrist. I dunno, he’s just pretty chill despite all that’s going on.

Some questions were answered in the first season, such as whether Jane is Kurt’s childhood friend or not. But there is still a lot of unanswered stuff. I hope the second season answers things from the first season and introduces new mysteries. I don’t need the same plot running on too long.