The Orville, Season Finale

A great science fiction show. The Orville actually isn’t leaning much on the humor anymore. It’s more serious now, but still with a comedy slant. The characters are more like regular coworkers rather than an elite space exploration force, but that’s fine. It’s the charming part of the show.

I think the ratio of character-based episodes to exploration-based episodes is off, though. There are a lot of character-based episodes in season two, and usually without a science B-Plot. While I do think the more low-key stories allowed the show to save budget for some great space battles later on, I did want more adventures.

I think that was what was missing in the second season, a sense of new things. Most of the stories are about things we partially knew about from season one. There is a plot on Xelayans. A lot of Moclan stuff. Some about Kaylons. Of course the Krill, too. I think there’s only one or two episodes about things not introduced in the first season. While it is cool making the universe a more continuous place, I did want to see more new stuff.

The show is still really fun, and the characters are great. So when I say there are a lot of character-based episodes, they are still fun to watch. The humor is much more like banter between friends now rather. It’s not as prominent, but still funny when it happens. A turn to more serious stories works out really well for The Orville.

Season two feels different from the first season, but the characters are still fun to be with. It’s a place you want to go hang out and be a part of. Except for all the times where they go into really dangerous situation.

Also, there’s a new character in season two, a new xelayan. Talla Keyali replaces Alara as the chief security officer, and I think she does a really good job. She is older and more certain, so she gives off a different feel. Also, her family is considered strange by other Xelayans since they are career military. That leaves her open to other plots rather than how strange it is for one of them to be in the military.

Really hoping for more The Orville!


Arrow, Season Finale

So, I heard a lot of good things about seasons 1 and 2. Some good things about 3. Bad things about 4. Haven’t watched any of them. And I’m here for season 5! Out of all the CW hero shows, this one felt the most cohesive. I think it’s from having one main villain through pretty much all of the season, and Arrow does one main villain well. There’s rarely any why don’t they just beat the villain already. Throughout the entire season, the interactions between Team Arrow and the villain were great. Everything just unfurls at the right speed, and the things that happen in between were fun, too.

So, new to the season is an entirely new team to help support Oliver. We have Ragman, who was a cool character. It’s too bad he never came bag, since he looked nice and had a cool power. I guess he was too powerful for the show where everyone else is normal.

We have Artemis, who I don’t get and wasn’t utilized enough really. I sort of think having her just leave the show on episode, uh, the one where Oliver got kidnapped, would have been a nice arc. As what we got, I don’t know. She’s just there, now.

Wild Dog is my favorite out of Oliver’s new team. Probably not surprising since he’s also around the longest. He gets the most development and really feels like a main character. And he still has more plot going into the future. So while he starts off annoying, he becomes a really strong character.

Dinah is cool. There wasn’t much focus on her after finding out her backstory, but she does remain kickass all through the season.

Speaking of kickass, Arrow has the best fight scenes out of the CW superhero shows, too. They can’t rely on special effects, so they need to have good fighting, and that they do. There’s just a lot of impressive stunts going on.

So yeah, really liked Arrow. It tells a rough story with a devious and threatening main antagonist. The side stuff is enjoyable, too. There were a few points I wondered why the villain wasn’t doing anything, but it didn’t happen enough times for me to care much.

And boy, that was quite a finale. Between Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, it’s tough to tell which finale I liked more. Both were great. Even for me, not having seen the previous seasons,┬áseeing what Oliver was doing was still awesome.

Supergirl, Season 2

Supergirl, now on the CW. Unfortunately, one of my favorite characters is now just a guest star. I’m talking about Cat Grant. She was the one Supergirl looked up to and got advice from. Now she needs to learn life lessons all by herself! Maxwell Lord also didn’t make the move, so we got Lena Luthor this time.

I really like Lena Luthor in the show. She has great chemistry with Kara, both as Kara and Supergirl. And I hear Lena is now a show regular for next season, yay.

Other new characters this season include Mon-El, the person in the pod. He’s from Daxom, a planet in Krypton’s solar system. The two plants dislike each other, and I think Mon-El had a fine arc. It was a bit Supergirl centric, but I didn’t mind that too much. He has great scenes with the others, though, and I wanted more of that.

There’s Maggie, who is a new love interest for one of the existing characters. She’s a cop, and I would like to see her doing more cop things. Much like Mon-El, she seems to only exist in relation to the person she’s dating. Having more time dedicated to her away from that would help, otherwise she’s simply there. Still a pretty good character, though.

Then we have M’gann, another Martian! She’s a love interest of Jonn’s, but the actors look like they have a huge age gap. Yeah, shapeshifting aliens and all, but still a huge age gap. Other than that, she was alright. Jonn is still the main Martian, though.

And finally, Snapper Carr, Kara’s new boss. He’s not around nearly enough to fill the same role as Cat Grant, but he tries. And he does put in effort despite his appearances. We just didn’t really get enough of Kara’s job at Catco in the season to make him important.

As a whole, though, the season was uneven and wonky. The fights are alright for TV. They work with that the budget they have. The plot is what’s a bit wonky. There are high spots and low spots, but the high spots are still really good. There are just large gaps between when the current bad guy does things so random adventures are slotted in. It makes the season feel pretty slow. But we do get more alien stuff this season, a lot more.

I think in general, it was trying to do a season long arc that just puttered out too often. There was no convincing big bad for a while. Things meandered along too much. If they could tighten things up for next season, that would work wonders. There’s no need to have a season long bad guy. I did like the two multi-episode bad guys that Supergirl had to fight. They just needed to be integrated better.

Oh, and Superman is in this season! And he’s awesome. He’s charming, happy and a great guy.

Time for season 3.

The Flash, Season Finale

This is the first full season of the Flash that I have seen. I might go back and watch the earlier seasons, but it’s not a high priority. And gosh if Barry isn’t the guy that least knows how to utilize his powers ever. And you see why super speed is like the most broken power and why Barry has to fight other speedsters to get a challenge. If Barry just utilized his super speed to the best of his ability, most episodes would be over in ten minutes. Then it’s 50 minutes of having fun and 70’s music!

Anyway, powers aside, I liked this season. It might have gotten repetitive to long time viewers, but not to me, not yet. The thing I don’t like the most is how inconsequential Flashpoint felt. I know it had permanent effects on the world, but it was just such a small part of the season that it was just an excuse to do things. And not even a great excuse since any other excuse could be used to bring out a new bad speedster.

While there are some great moments in the show, I think it’s overall weaker than the other CW superhero shows. The main bad guys, Alchemy and Savitar just disappears for episodes at a time for no real reason. It is good that while Alchemy and Savitar are connected, they each get around half the season to develop.

The other adventures were more fun. Gorillas? Yes. Sharks? Of course. Time travel? Wouldn’t be Flash without it. Multiple dimension Wells? Bring on more. Long, drawn out Savitar stuff? Could use less of it. That’s what happens when the bad guy of the season is just too powerful to fight normally. They don’t do much at all.

Speaking of Wells, I really like HR. His other-dimensional antics never got old to me, and he stayed entertaining all the way through. And I saw enough of the Earth-2 Wells to get a clear difference between the two of them. More Wells next season, please.

Julian is a character I liked. He points out just how bad Barry is at the regular CSI job. I always enjoy a character that is against the main hero while having a good point. And despite being a special guest star for all of the season, he’s still around! What’s going to happen to him next season? He does fill another smart guy role on the show, so maybe he could show off more of that archeological and meta-human knowledge.

Gypsy was a character only in the season a few times, but she was cool. She’s just way to intense most of the time. It would be nice to see her on a time when things aren’t going bad, get a sense of fun Gypsy, otherwise she’s all business.

Spoilers for the final episode.

Killer Frost. What’s her deal? Why would she follow Savitar at all? And why the sudden change of heart? She, I don’t get. There didn’t seem to be any real reason for her to change sides at the end. It’s not like Savitar lied about his goals.

Into the Badlands, Season 2

Into the Badlands was a great surprise when I saw it last year. It’s a cool, inventive take on the kung-fu and wuxia style. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where barons control everything inside the badlands. Then there’s a world outside, much of which was mysterious in the first season. And then there’s a supposed shining jewel of a city called Azra. The gunless nature of the world works wonderfully with all of the martial arts going on.

Now, it’s time for season 2. At the end of the first season, our heroes Sunny and MK were separated. Sunny is outside of the wall, but he must find his way back in to save his family. And MK is training with the Abbots, people who all have the same, mysterious power that he has. The world is fun. The acting is passable for the most part. There are some stand out performances. And the fighting is great.

I didn’t notice it in the first season, probably because most characters were in uniform, but Into the Badlands has some great character design. It’s much more noticeable on the parts outside of the badlands, where people aren’t so orderly. There’s a lot of details out there that make the world feel alive and exciting.

Newcomer to the show, Bajie, is a great addition. He’s the talker of the show, but he’s not too shabby at all in a fight. That gives him more to be than just a funny sidekick to Sunny. And he gets increasingly more important as the season goes on.

Okay, here’s some spoilers for the first season, Quinn survives! And the show is great for it. Quinn is my favorite character in the show. He just has a gravitas and manner of behaving that makes him grand. He just takes every scene he’s in.

Also, I think season 2 is more violent than season 1. There’s blood and a lot of limbs being cut off. It’s a really stylized kind of violence that mixes in with the martial arts well. And while some fighting scenes are choppy, the important fights look great.

Season 2 doesn’t reveal more information about the why’s of the world, but we do get to see a lot more of it, especially outside of the wall. And we learn a bit more about some mysteries such as Azra. And we have an even longer season 3! I’m hoping for a lot more world building.

I can’t wait for more Into the Badlands. It’s a fun, stylish and unlike other shows on TV.

Once Upon a Time

This season, more magic mumbo-jumbo, more feelgood tomfoolery, more fairy tales! Geeze, the season has been so long that I almost forgot it started out with the land of untold tales along with Jekyll and Hyde. That was a really cool part of the story, and so was the land of untold tales. But they revert back to Storybrooke soon enough. I wanted to spend more time in the other world. It was interesting and cool.

This season was quite a ride, actually. They had the savior storyline running throughout, but threats came and went every few episodes. There was a long-lasting one, of course, but it didn’t feel like it while watching the show. Still, less things were dropped this season, I think.

Overall, this show is fairy tale fun. There’s a magical solution to everything, and the good guys are usually too dumb or reactionary to win without pulling some kind of magic out. I just kind of want Emma and the others to be smarter. Stop trusting Gold! Check up on him if you ask him to do stuff! If you hold something important in your hand, stop people from magicking it away! Or magic it back from them.


Still, I watch this show for the magic and for the fun family bonding. Regina is still great. And I really like Zelena, now, too. I enjoy the hopeful tone of the story, and how most people will be good. Seeing Regina and Zelena happy just makes me happy.

Emma and her family are also still fun to watch. Overall, this season is about the same as the previous ones. Though it does tout as having the final battle. I didn’t watch from the beginning, so I don’t know about the entire Savior lore, but apparently, the savior is only around when a great evil is? And that evil is not the Dark One since the Dark One seems to be from another thing entirely.

Well, it’s all in good fun. The writing isn’t fantastically smart, but it is hopeful and full of goodness. People will be saved by magic, but the good guys will never plan for the bad guys just taking things by magic. And there is a next season, too. It’s making me curious based on all the news about the series.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

My favorite comic book show. Even among non-comic book shows, this is still tops. This season, Ghost Rider! Robbie Reyes one. I do not know of this character. Still, they did Ghost Rider fantastically in the show. He’s an unstoppable force, especially once the Rider takes over.

There will be spoilers for the season throughout, though not much for the last few episodes.

It takes a while for Daisy to finally get over the Hive thing, but it’s great once she does. Shield also has a new director, Jeffrey Mace. I always thought the guy was alright. What this show does great is that it doesn’t make characters outright dislikable. Everyone has a point, and Jeffery Mace had some good points about Coulson’s team just doing what they want.

Radcliffe, too, despite him going off and betraying Shield, he is still very much their friend. It makes him a great character. He thinks what he’s doing is right, and he still likes all of the Shield agents despite them trying to stop him.

The show does long seasons really well. They divide up the season into several smaller arcs, three this time. But there still is a running thing that ties the season together. This one is the Darkhold. It starts and ends with it.

The best arc out of the bunch has got to the the Framework arc. Yeah, they have the standard if you die in the simulation you die in real life, but it’s what gives the arc the sense of danger. What’s best is the acting during the arc. Everyone is great, and seeing the world all topsy-turvy is just devious. It produces, perhaps, some of the best acting on the show.

Though the LMD arc was also fantastic. LMD stands for Life Model Decoy, which are basically robot replacements of people to help the real person stay safe. And AIDA, the main LMD, is fantastic. The actress, Mallory Jansen, does so well in this show. She plays so many different variations of AIDA and has so many subtle things doing on. She’s great.

The fight scenes in this show is still great, and so are the special effects. They know how to do what they want to do, and they don’t try to overreach. They show off the powers great.

What this show does so well is they set up expectations and then shatters them. Like during the LMD arc, LMD detected among a group of people coming in. Who’s the LMD? All of them. All of them are the LMDs. It happens a lot in the show. They don’t take the easy way out at all. Talking the enemy down rarely works. The agents struggle for each victory and each one is well deserved.

Yeah, season 5! Let’s go!