The Secret Life of Pets

The Secret Life of Pets, all about the secret life of pets. Who woulda thought it? Cute talking animals and their perilous journey home. This is a fun, if standard film. Our main characters are Max and Duke, two dogs that get captured by dog catchers and escape. They must then make their way back home while bickering with each other.

Instead of having a unique plot, this movie has style and pizazz. It’s funny and fast-paced. In fact, this movie is lot more about funny situations rather than characters. Out of everyone, the most fully-realized character is the Bunny. I enjoyed his crazy antics, and I think he has the most depth of out all of them, even if it gets glossed over quick.

The other character I like is Gidget. She’s great, but I did think she needed more interaction with Max in the beginning. The movie moved on too fast from them so her later desire to help Max felt like it came out of nowhere.

The rest of the characters in the movie are mainly their for a joke or two. They do their one task and then are relegated to being in the background.

When I enjoyed the movie most was seeing the pets in their apartments having their secret lives. I also enjoyed the secret lives of the discarded pets. As for Max and Duke trying to find their way home, it’s a thing I saw a lot. And thanks to the fast pace of the movie, I never felt their conflict. They got over not liking each other really fast.

I also really liked the opening scene and the ending scene. It’s just unfortunate the plot of the movie is rather mundane.


Ralph Breaks the Internet

The sequel to Wreck-it Ralph, Ralph Breaks the Internet. This time, Ralph and Vanellope must go to the internet to obtain a part needed to save Sugar Rush as the steering wheel broke. However, along the way, both of them discover certain things about what they want and reevaluate themselves.

One thing that surprised me was how little Felix and Calhoun were in the movie. They were set up with a subplot, but the movie chose not to show it, rather jumping to the end result later in the film. I would really have liked to see more of Felix and Calhoun, but I  could also see how they were not important to Ralph and Vanellope this time around. IT would be a fun added short, but not as part of the main film.

The internet visuals are great and imaginative. It’s bright, colorful and full of amzing technology. Sure, there are lots of real world products going on, but that’s fine. A movie can get distracting if they do weird things just to not reference the real world. Though this film kind of does both. They have real companies, but they also have their own versions, which they say are compareable in popularity.

The new characters in this film are pretty fun. Unfortunately, none of them have plot to themselves. Pretty much everything revolves around Ralph and Vanellope. But the new characters are interesting and memorable. I liked the pop-up guy a lot despite not liking real life pop-ups at all.

Since everything is about Ralph and Vanellope, how are they in the film? Vanellope, I liked a lot. Ralph is a loveable goofball for a good portion of the film, though I they turned up his goofball qualities compared to the first film. Ralph actually seems to be less mature now than before.

The movie doesn’t settle into a central conflict until later, leaving the early parts feeling a bit like just seeing Ralph and Vanellope going around doing fun stuff. It’s stylish with some funny parts, but more difficult to get into. It just seems they’re running around doing random things for most of the film. Once the conflict gets started, the film becomes much more engaging.

A highlight of the film is when Vanellope goes to the Disney website and meets the princesses. Sure, it might be considered self-indulgent of Disney, but I really like the princesses and they’re cool in the film. That part brought out a big smile when it happened. I want a Disney princess crossover movie. Infinite Wars.

Ralph Breaks the Internet is fun with great visuals. Aside from the main characters, everyone else is less interesting, though. It is a story that fully centers around the Ralph and Vanellope with no room for other things.

Fantastic Beasts, The Crimes of Grindlewald

I quite enjoyed some of the first movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. This movie is much the same. I enjoyed part of it. Though I really liked those parts. This movie takes place about nine month after the first. Grindlewald has, of course, escaped. He must be stopped and recaptured before something bad happens.

This movie has less fantastic beasts, but they are there, and they’re still amazing. Some of my favorite parts of the movie are just seeing Newt at work, both in his magic conservation area and out in the field. The magical animals are wonderful. They look great and act great. This time, they’re much more tied into the main plot.

Still, I can’t help but want a movie not about dark wizards and all that. Just have Newt go on adventures with his friends finding magical creatures. It’s great fun whenever they show up.

But this movie is about a lot of things. Perhaps too much. Tina has her own stuff as an auror. Jacob and Queenie have something going on. Credence, yes, he’s back. No, it’s not a huge spoiler for the film. He has something going on. Then Grindlewald is doign stuff. Dumbledore and the ministry is doing stuff. There are whole new characters doing stuff. It’s all too much.

It gets to the point where I can’t follow everything that’s going on, so I’m not clear on what certain character’s motivations are. This movie feels like one of the later Harry Potter movies in that it’s trying to adapt a super-long book into something a few hours long. Only it’s not, yet it feels like I should have read the book to fully get what was going on sometimes.

For the returning characters, I still quite enjoy all of them. One thing I wanted was more Newt and Jacob hanging out, being pals. Unfortunately, they’re too busy chasing down other characters to do that. Newt is still is wonderfully awkward self. I still can’t quite get into Grindlewald, though he does have some nice, scenes in this film building him up as a future force to be reckoned with.

For new characters, we have young Dumbledore! And he’s quite great to see. Leta Lestrange is another great new character. She has a complete story and is pretty much one of the few characters with a complete arc in the film. It was a touching story, too. Theseus is Newt’s brother. I quite like the relationship the two of them have. They love each other but are also exasperated by each other, and I want to see more of them moving forwards.

Yusuf, on the other hand, feels unnecessary. He is like a subplot from the books that would have been cut for a movie adaptation. Unless he becomes really important going forwards, I think the movie would work better without his subplot. It just adds another direction to things. I also don’t think we needed Credence’s friend, the cursed woman. I know why they have someone around, because otherwise Credence would have been alone for most of the film. Still, it feels like one more thing to keep track of.

That is a large problem with the film. There’s just too much going on. Visually, it’s stunning. Magic effects are bigger than ever, and so are the magic creatures. Story, though, could be more focused. They’re mostly trying to set up things in this film for next time, and that doesn’t make for a satisfying story.

A bit more of my thoughts in the spoiler section. This won’t be heavy spoilers, but some.

Okay, here goes. This movie feels like the middle part of a trilogy. The first part introduces the concept. The middle part is where the bad guy wins and the heroes need to recover somehow. Yet, if all goes to plan, this move is the second part of five. I don’t know how Gindlewald will be engagin being the primary villain for the next three installments. They had better have other things for Newt and friends to actually win rather than them losing for two more films before the final showdown. We’ll see how things go moving forwards.

More Newt and friends working with animals!

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

This is a movie set in a fantastical world of four realms. The Realm of Flowers, the Realm of Ice, the Realm of Sweets and the Fourth Realm. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see much of that at all.

Clara is our main character. Her and her family are still dealing with the loss of their mother. On Christmas, she gets a gift that leads her on a strange adventure into a magical place. As for our Nutcracker, he’s more of a sidekick. So in a movie called the Nutcracker and the Four Realms, you barely see the realms and the Nutcracker is a side character. It leads to a plain movie, unfortunately.

Our main character, Clara, is fine. She’s a young girl coming to terms with what to do and finding strength in herself. There are several emotional moments for her, but they don’t really feel planned out or earned. She’s upset about something one moment and gets over it pretty quickly the next.

That seems to be a trouble throughout the movie. The characters don’t achieve any big emotional attachment to the viewers. Some of them are quirky, others are funny, but none are impactful. Perhaps the most impactful character is the Sugarplum Fairy, but even her backstory falls a bit flat.

The Nutcracker could have had potentially some cool backstory. Why is he the last one? Who knows. In the film, he feels like a normal guy. There are cool action scenes at times, but he’s not the one doing any of the interesting stuff. It’s all the other characters. Give the Nutcracker a cool fight scene at least!

While we only see the four realms for a bit, they do look great. The visuals in the rest of the movie are nice, too. They do evoke a fantastical feeling. The central palace is grand. The dark forest is spooky. It looks like a cool place to be in. The music is great, too. The costumes are also fantastic. Everyone is distinctive while still fitting together. There are a lot of recognizable songs from Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy and the Nutcracker retuned to fit the scene. It really makes the action better when accompanied by the music.

Also, this movie has some cool ballet scenes if you’re into that.

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms needs better character moments. The story is fine. Nothing new but it’s good. The parts in the regular world is pretty interesting. It could have been much more magical.

Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Men Tell no Tales

I remember when the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out. It was great fun. And I enjoyed parts 2 and 3 as well, though it was getting over the top by part 3. Then there’s movie four, which didn’t feel too memorable to me. Now, it’s time for the fifth one!

Hmm. As a concept, I really like what they set out to create, a pirate fantasy story full of swashbuckling, magic and all that. But the constant resets done in the fourth movie and fifth movie really drags things down. Jack Sparrow, too. He is sort of just there, now, because he’s the most popular character.

In this movie, there are two new characters, Henry and Carina. Henry is the son of Will Turner (and yes, Will does show up for a bit in this film!) And he’s trying to break his father’s curse. Carina is a scientist that’s trying to find the destiny her father gave her, a diary of a navigator.

Henry has a cool introduction as a kid and another one as an adult. Those scenes work alright. But later on, both characters get swept up in some zany thing, partially kicked off by Jack Sparrow. It feels too much for trying to ground the characters. I didn’t have time to appreciate what they were doing because of all the craziness going on.

Hmm. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about the characters in the fourth and fifth films just feels uninspired. I didn’t care for them like I did Will and Elisabeth and even Bootstrap Bill. The characters in this movie is there because we need someone to get involved with the action and craziness.

The main bad guy, Salazar, had a pretty cool effect. I liked him and his crew. The Pirates of the Carribean movies always does some really great villain crews, and this one is no exception. They also do great crazy ships that’s always fun to watch.

There’s also some element of the law in this movie, but they feel really not worth the time. The movie would have been better cutting down on them and instead putting more focus and slower scenes in regards to the characters.

This movie just feels sort of there. They do drop hints for a next movie that may be interesting, and I hope it is. I really like the ideas and the world they have here.

What I think Pirates of the Caribbean could use is a toning down of the crazy action scenes, but keep up with water myths and magic. Have some good proper swashbuckling. Make some nice, distinctive crews and ships. But yeah, not so many complicated and comedic action scenes.

The Outpost

The Outpost is a fantasy show with magic, swords and even some monsters. There are not enough of those shows on TV, other than the big Game of Thrones one, of course. So I checked it out. The show is on the CW, so it does go into some relationship drama and the characeters are all unusually attractive, even if they live in olden times. But they do throw in some other characters that I enjoyed.

The main character is Talon. She starts out as one of the most young adult story female protagonist I remember in recent times. Even the name is so young adult cool style. Tough, cynical, a better warrior than most, shows nothing but a scowl. Her character felt really uninteresting in the first episode, but later on, she really starts to grow on me. As Talon builds relationships with other characters, she starts to loosen up and open up. And I really like her character by the end of the season.

The Outpost takes place at a, well, outpost on the far edge of the kingdom. There, they stand watch against another race known as the greyskins. But there are more politics at play. The world is slowly introduced, starting at first with Talon’s personal quest. Soon, it gains more intrique and plotting.

Meanwhile, Talon is more focused on her mission, but she makes friends with a few characters. There’s Gwyn. I’m not going to go into her story too much, but I do want more interactions between Gwyn and Talon. They’re pretty fun together.

Janzo turns out to be one of her allies through all the trouble she gets up to. He’s an awkward character, but he’s done really well. And the actor can pull off some amazing eyebrow motions with him.

Then there’s Garret, a captain in the army. He’s a more straightlaced character, but somehow, I think he’s more interesting. I’m not sure why, since other times they make straightlaced characters I find them just there, but Garret has a bit of spark in there.

Another character I want to mention is Dano. He is a mute, but he shows a lot of character. And it helps he’s there in most episodes. I like his scenes and his reactions a lot, especially once he starts to interact with more characters.

The way the story goes makes me feel like this is based on a book, though I don’t think it is. Side plots carry on through multiple episodes and side characters get slow but decent amount of screentime showing their personality throughout the season. It starts off a bit cliche, but I think it turned out pretty well.

I’m interested in the world they built and I’m interested in the characters.

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this movie. I knew it was by the guys from Lonely Island, and I kind of wanted a long movie based on those zany music antics. There was a good amount of antics, but it was different from their music videos. It’s more down to earth and plausible rather than quirky and weird.

Popstar tells the standard story of a guy that gets famous and then crashes. It stars Andy Samberg as Connor, who started with a band but went solo and took off in popularity. His former band members, Lawrence (Akiva Schaffer) and Owen (Jorma Taccone) are upset, of course. Lawrence goes his own way but, and I like this turn, Owen stays with Connor as his DJ. Owen is like the bridge that wants to reunite the band. He’s nice and takes a lot of unappreciation.

The movie isn’t too long, which is good. It told a fine story about the rise, fall and return of Connor. There’s no real surprises here, but the actors are fun to watch. They’re animated and get thrown into wild situations. And there are a lot of appearanced by musicians as themselves. It really makes the movie feel like a documentary on the greatest musician ever.

Popstar has some fun music in a similar style to their Lonely Island stuff. I really wanted more of that, but the end song was fun to watch. I sort of wanted the entire movie to be wackier, like Lonely Island, but it was probably made to be something more serious while still having a lot of humor.

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping is a parody of those musical stories told with hints of that Lonely Island flair. The band members aren’t together enough during the movie, but it’s great when they are.