Angie Tribeca

How have I not seen this show until the end of the second season? Now I need to go back and catch up on all of it. All of it! I really enjoy this style of show. It’s like those old parody movies, Naked Gun and Airplane. Everyone is serious and weird gags just fly around them. The characters still react to everything seriously, though.

Angie Tribeca just really nails that feeling. I still haven’t seen too many episodes, so this will be a shorter post. What I have seen, though, was funny and awesome. So many puns gags and things just happening.

Angie Tribeca is a cop show. Each episode, Angie and her partner tackle some new crime along with the help of the police captain, Deon Cole and Deon Cole’s partner. Alright, I admit to not knowing everyone’s name, yet. But Deon Cole is in this! I enjoyed his skits on Conan a lot.

It’s cool how the characters can, simultaneously, do anything that’s needed for a joke to work while still being consistent in their characterization.

This show is just good old-fashioned parody comedy. It does anything for a laugh, then it stretches it out until it is absurd. What is it? Anything. For a laugh. Then it stretches it out until it is absurd. But what is it?

Ahem. Anyway, I’m going to go back and catch up on the first 2 seasons. See you later.



Of late, there has been a huge number of adaptations. Well, there’s always been a lot of adaptations, but now they are even turning movies into TV shows! It used to be just video games to movies/tv shows or comics to movies/tv shows. Now some tv shows and movies are even being turned into comics. Everything goes in all directions. We an asterisk now, fellas.

I did write a piece on adaptations before, multiple ones, in fact. I have not read them in a while, so my opinions may or may not have changed. I dunno, maybe they changed a little bit. I mean, people change, it happens.

I do think I enjoy adaptations a lot more when I don’t know the original. Even if I do, I can still usually enjoy them because they are their own thing. Making direct adaptations between mediums is really hard. If you tried to turn a book scene for scene into a movie, the movie would be six hours long or so. A direct translation into a tv show would lead to a lot of boring episodes, I think. There would be just many episodes where I think what’s the point? I want my TV episodes to have some kind of high-point and resolution each time.

Turning movies into TV shows is kind of interesting. I actually watched Limitless the TV show and really enjoyed it. I think it was smart that they set it as more of what happened after the movies. That made the world a lot more interesting to me since Brian was interacting with the main character of the movie. I have not watched any other movie to TV show adaptations, so I can’t talk too much about them.

Still, you’re trying to stretch a two hour plot into ten to twenty hours depending on season length. It might work, it might not work. But I think doing direct adaptations will rarely work well.

Also, I think I don’t mind changes from the source material, even beyond things required by the change in medium. It’s fun to get surprised by what you think you know. Of course, it might also be frustrating if they mess with your favorite moment. Sometimes, I think if the producers/writers want to change things a lot, they could just make original material. Unfortunately, original material has no name recognition, and when they need $100 million or more just to make the project, investors want something more guaranteed.

In the end, it really just depends on the end product. Some people make changes and they work great, maybe even better than the original. Some people make changes and they turn out to be really bad. But adaptations will be different, mostly be necessity. But I think big or small surprises would be fun for people that already knows what happens.

I mean, I enjoyed the Iron Man 3 twist. A lot of people didn’t because it deprived them of a great comic book villain, but I thought it was really fun. Of course, the actual villain of the movie was not more interesting, which was a shame.

Good is Not Enough

When I was younger, I watched a lot of movies. That’s because I always found the cheap theaters. They were simple, no frills but good because they were inexpensive. I watched whatever I wanted in theaters because of that. That was also before the profileration of internet reviews. Nowadays, you can see a whole bunch of people’s opinions, not just professionals but regular people, too. Just one day seems to be enough to get a good idea of people’s opinions.

Due to just knowing that a movie is average, I’m less inclined to watch it even though I’m, like, 80% certain I would enjoy it. I mean, looking back at the review scores for some of the things I’ve seen before, quite a lot of them were middling, not bad but not great.

Nowadays, I don’t have access to a cheaper theater, so I tend to be much more selective of what I see there. Especially with On-demand, I can pay like, a few dollars to get a movie to watch at home the moment it releases the Blu-Rays. Due to that, I’m a lot less likely to see things that aren’t reviewed great.

I think quite a few people are like that. But most movies are average. I mean, that is kind of the meaning of average. But as people’s expectations go up, what might be considered good movies will only be given average scores because there are fantastic movies out there. A lot of these good movies might falter despite being very enjoyable just because most people don’t want to give it a chance. And with so many movies coming out, why should they? Consumers can now find a lot of information without every directly coming into contact with the product.

If movie ticket prices were cheaper, I would so want to see movies in theaters. As it is, I mostly decide to wait until they come out on-demand for a much lower price. Thus, I contribute to movies not getting sequels since they don’t get enough money. Though it’s also pretty wild to think that a movie needs to make double its budget just to break even thanks to costs not related to making the movie.

Movies considered “average” can be very enjoyable. I just don’t feel like paying a lot of money to see them anymore, unfortunately, even if I know I would like it. It’s just too easy to get other entertainment now. That’s pretty bad for competent movies that are not phenominal. But that’s the breaks, I suppose. It does make me sad that some movies I enjoy won’t get sequels just because they aren’t great but just “okay.”

I’m not helping anything, so I guess I can’t complain that much.

Oh, random mumblings not related to anything above, I tend to only watch huge special effect movies when I go to theaters. I want giant dragons, robots and super powers. I’m fine with watching movie stars in small size at home. I don’t need giant Geoge Clooney. Him at regular size is good for me.

TV Renewals and Cancellations

Ah, it’s that time of year, when you find out if your favorite TV show is still on the air or not and what might be replacing it. I have not seen as much about potential new shows. The only one I’ve even seen a trailer of is Timeless. I mean, I like time travel hijinks, so I’m all for it.

I am still missing Forever, from last year, and Almost Human, from two years ago. It’s just from an outsiders view that the networks are really jumpy about cancelling things. I read up a bit about viewership numbers, and they don’t seem horrible, yet certain shows are just deemed not worth it to continue. Of course there is the cost-per-episode that I have no idea.

Now then, some shows I’ve watched that have been canceled. sadfaec

I’m really sad for both Galavant and Agent Carter. I knew both shows weren’t doing well, but they were also mid-season break shows. What’s going to be in the winter break now? Reruns? Other new shows?

Castle, I’m kind of sad to see go, but then again, it had 9 seasons. If a show gets to the point where they havea will-they,won’t-they,they-did,they-didn’t cycle, it’s probably time to end it. Or just stop focusing on the romance drama part! Geeze. Not every show needs to have romance drama all the time.

Limitless on CBS. Nooooo! Why, CBS. This was an entertaining show, man. It was quirky and fun. This is going to be my Forever of this Television year.

Crowded was fun. I wouldn’t mind another season of that. I’ve liked Miranda Cosgrove ever since School of Rock.

On to the renewals! Hooray.

I’m glad Supergirl is renewed. I like the idea of it, and I found it enjoyable despite it being uneven. It’s being moved to the CW, though! That’s cool, maybe? I wonder what’s in store for it moving forwards? I’m just hoping they can now combine it with the other CW superhero shows going forwards.

iZombie is still around! It’s a midseason show, but it’s still around! This is my favorite buddy cop show right now.

Blindspot. You got to accept the premise of the show to enjoy it, and the premise is a bit out there for the real world. It’s alright. Another take on the procedural formula.

Surprisingly, they’re going for another season of Sleepy Hollow after losing one of the main characters. I wonder if they can pull out something fresh and interesting again? Something fun lik the first season would be great.

I wonder. From what I’ve read, most shows are down in viewership overall. Are networks still comparing numbers for considering renewal from years ago? If that’s the case, a lot of great shows possibly won’t reach that needed number, what with all the other methods of entertainment now fighting for our attention.

Just please don’t cancel the shows I watch, says all the people. Though if shows stay on as long as people watch it, we wouldn’t get as many new stuff. New, new stuff, and maybe new remake/reboot stuff. happyfaec

DC Movie Universe

This post will just be some random thoughts I had about the DC Cinematic Universe (DCCU). It will go to whatever I can think about at the time. Then maybe I’ll come back and add in stuff later since I always think up new stuff when I am nowhere near my computer. And yes, this will have comparison to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Anyway, I think they have sort of a disadvantage to it in that both Batman and Superman have been done so many times before on film alone. I don’t know if that influenced their decision to change the tone of their universe to being more grim and dreary or if they are trying to do the character a different way, thus all the changes to what people know and like.

Now, I’m not saying they have to do it the same way as before. I mean, every adaptation changes something, it’s just that not all changes are well-recieved. But doing Batman and Superman again might get old for people. For the MCU, they’re doing heroes that never had a big screen appearance before, or not a well-known one (*cough*Captain America*cough*). Marvel is all new, all fresh and fun. On the other side, DCCU is telling another Superman story or Batman story.

This is also why I am more excited for Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad. They are new big screen appearances, and I was also really impressed with Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman. So I’m still looking forward to future DCCU movies, and I hope they do it better. I just hope the movies will flow better.

Now, it’s clear the DCCU is trying to play catchup and getting their Justic League rolled out as fast as possible. The MCU already has 2 successful teamups of their major heroes, so DCCU is trying to introduce theirs as fast as possible. Does having a major teamup first and then breaking off into solo movies work? It’s hard to say.

I mean, it certainly can work, but it will be a lot harder. Introducing them all at once could lead to them not getting enough individual character moments, especially since you need to have a badguy, too. If there’s one thing DCCU could do, it’s having their badguys be more threatening and last for more than one movie.

As of right now, I am still looking forward to the DCCU movies, though if I had to choose, it would have to be the MCU for me. The MCU is more fun with lots of great movies already there. the DCCU provides a different feel, and that’s alright.

Character Competence

This will be a super opinion piece. What is a super opinion? Nothing, really. I just mean this will be super filled with just opinions on my view about character competence. I suppose this was brought out by my watching Legends of Tomorrow and me thinking about Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. Note that I do like Legends of Tomorrow despite what I’m about to say. This rant also applies to some other shows. It’s by no means unique to Legends of Tomorrow.

So what am I talking about? The huge number of ways a super-powered team could take down Vandal Savage. I know that means the end of the story, but come on, they missed so many opportunities. I would understand it if they made a plan and it went bad, but often times, their initial plan is already bad! It also makes the villains feel not quite as threatening. The villains doesn’t escape because the good guys are good at what they do. The villain escapes because the good guys give him every opportunity to.

Some examples? Ray, having a shrinking suit not having it on him at all times. The Jax and Stein thing where they aren’t always together is a bit more understandable since sometimes, they can’t stand each other. But how about the times they actually managed to kill Savage and then just left. The body is right there. Pick it up. Or even if you don’t want to pick it up, stay in that timeline and find the magic dagger.

Or take the episode where Vandal Savage is just pretending to be a doctor with no army at his back. Kidnap him or something!

Why am I comparing it to Agents of SHIELD? Well, there are few encounters in there where I thought that with what the characters had, they could have made a better plan. The villains in SHIELD escape or win because you know they are skilled, not that the good guys are ineffectual. And making the good guy effective in no ways cuts down on character drama or growth or anything like that.

Gotham, I feel that’s another good example of characters behaving as competently as they can given their resources and abilities. Gordon is doing the best they can against freeze rays, corrupt politicians and the like.

Supergirl would be a bad example of being competent. Pretty much all the time Supergirl lets the bad guy get away on their first encounter. WIth X-ray vision and super speed, you would think she could track them. Now I get that she’s new and starting out, so I’m not ragging on her that much. Yet. We’ll see how she is next season, though she does succeed in most episodes, so yay.

The DEO could stand to be a bit more competent. Hank, you go spying in some place, shapeshifted as someone else, and then you shift back into your normal form? Why? Alex, you do not have mission specific dining clothes and gear for spying? Well, I’d buy that since the organization isn’t a spy agency.

Basically, for me, it’s a bit frustrating when characters act stupidly with poor justifications for doing so. I do like all the characters in Legends of Tomorrow, it’s just that their planning skills are horrible. Rip needs to draft a strategist for his next team.

Make villains threatening because they are just that good, not because the heroes are bumbling through everything.

BBC’s Sherlock, And Sherlock in general

The Abominable Bride is out, and it is a scenario that takes the modern show of Sherlock back to it’s roots in old London. I thought it was just going to be a fun little what-if kind of thing, but it turned out to have all the dramatics and flair of the regular show while tying in to the main plot. And it’s also a fun romp back in the past, though the characters didn’t feel all that different other than John’s thoughts on women’s role and the lack of technology.

This episode was stuch a mind trip. What I liked best was the creepy feeling as you figured out something was wrong with the old London world. It started with just small terms slipping in there, but it was enough. That spinning transition shot, though. *Shakes head* At least spin it clockwise to show time passing  forwards.

What I really liked was them pointing out the perception Watson gives out with his stories versus the actual Sherlock that Watson knows. And how Watson insists that Sherlock dresses like what people expect of him. This show still has those sharp, wit jabs to break up the dramatic parts.

But on to the main reason for me to post this. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, and since Sherlock is back at the forefront, I think this is a good time. I wanted to compare the more recent versions of Sherlock from the show, Sherlock, Elementary and the movie, Sherlock Holmes. I will not be doing Mister Holmes as I haven’t seen it.

But as for the three above, I’m just going to talk about what I enjoy about each and which versions of the characters I prefer.

Let’s start with the shows and movie overall. The great thing about BBC’s Sherlock is their length. They are practically TV movies, and with so few episodes, each one has a lot of kick to it. They pull off some great shots and scenes, and I like the word swirl that shows Sherlock’s thoughts.

Elementary, having the most time out of the three, gives me a lot better look at their version of the characters. Also, I enjoy the frequency and their twists on the character. I particularly liked the Kitty arc. It’s a shame that Natalie Dormer is so popular now. I think the show wanted to use her more but couldn’t.

The movie Sherlock Holmes has a more action packed Holmes. It’s not that the other two can’t take care of themselves, but this Holmes does that awesome play out the fight in his mind thing and then make that happen. And then they pull out an Oh Crap when Moriarty starts doing the same. The old londol stylings are also great to watch.

Now for individual character comparions.

I like the RDJ Sherlock the best. He feels like he can function in the world around him if he puts in the effort. Of course John helps a lot, but he’s a British gentleman through and through. JLM Sherlock is my second favorite just because he seems the most human out of the three. He has major flaws, admits them and is actively trying to work on them. BC Sherlock is a huge asshole and shows no signs of wanting to change, though he is arguably the most efficient.

As for Watson, I have a tie between Jude Law and Lucy Liu. Jude Law is a Watson after many years of working with Sherlock. He feels equal to Sherlock in that if he put in the same effort, he could get the same results. Lucy Liu actually is shaping up to be a detective! Sure, she’s not a badass soldier like the other Watson’s, but she’s shown to be capable in solving her own cases. And it’s shown just how much Sherlock appreciates her. Martin Freeman, though, his John seems to be forever going to be the sidekick that does all the talking so no one punches Sherlock.

For Moriarity, I liked the movie version the best. He feels like he has his own stuff going on and Sherlock is just a nuisance. And they made him a capable boxer, plus I just like that bearded look. It makes him a more distinguished professor. BBC’s Moriarity is next. He’s creepy in the best villainous way. He feels like he turns into Sherlock’s personal nemesis. Rather than doing things for his own sake, he’s doing it to get to Sherlock. Elementary’s wasn’t on enough, really, but I enjoyed it when Moriarty was on.

I think, and don’t quote me on this, that Elementary’s Moriarity might be most similar to the original works in that Moriarity is not a huge part of Sherlock’s story. He’s just there for that one story and not everything relates to him. The world of Elementary goes on even without the threat or drive of Moriarity.

For Mycroft, I like BBC’s better, maybe because he’s pretty much a main character. Sherlock doesn’t appreciate him enough. He also feels really important and does things behind the shadow. It’s a toss up between the movie’s Mycroft and Elementary’s Mycroft. The movie version was the funnest of them all, and I just enjoyed him. And I liked the brothers not being outright antagonistic to each other. Elementary’s Mycroft was cool in that (and this is spoilers) they tricked us into thinking he’s just a restauranteur. Then bam. He’s just as smart as Sherlock and has been working with British intelligence so they wouldn’t take Sherlock instead.

Miss Hudson? BBC’s version is the only one that stands out, so that wins. Mary Watson? BBC version, of course! Lestrade/Elementary’s replacement, Gregson? Gregson. BBC Lestrade. Movie Lestrade. I like Gregson because Sherlock actually respects him unlike in the other two where Sherlock merely tolerates Lestrade as being not as bad as the rest.

Whew. This one got long. I’ll stop with the comparisons. I will end by saying I enjoy all three and am looking forward to the third Sherlock Holmes movie if it ever comes out.