Inhumans, Season Premiere

So, the much talked about Inhumans. Most of the talk is bad. But hey, it’s on, so let’s see how it goes! I guess this will be a spoiler-filled review for the first two episodes in that I’ll talk freely about events that happened.

So, the opening. Triton looks like that handsome Squidward image. It just looks so silly. He looks nothing like his comic-book self. Most of the characters look rather like rubber-forhead alien type makeups. And the costuming looks bland to bad as well. The action during that part was alright, I guess. Nothing stands out. Somehow, I actually liked the inhuman Triton was trying to save more than most other major characters in the show.

After that, we jump to Attilan, the hidden Inhuman city on the moon. The view of the city looks pretty cool, actually. Maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention, but I wanted a clearer shot of it. So I can tell where the palace is in relation to the lower caste center and whatever else is in there. But I think the sets were done well and it looks pretty fancy.

The costumes, on the other hand, were not. Most of the main characters have pretty silly-looking clothes, Medusa especially. Her dress is mostly one tone and the fabric looks cheap. Her hair was also not as impressive as it could be due to a TV budget and effects. Probably due to the budget, the bad guy decided to cut off her hair. It was the most ridiculous scene of the two episodes. There was ridiculous sad music and slow motion, and Medusa’s super hair could be removed by a simple electric razor. Maybe I would have taken it more seriously if I hadn’t just met the character and saw the hair in use twice.

Most of the characters have rather bland acting and they don’t interact with each other well. They’re supposed to be the royal family, but they feel more like coworkers, even during private times. Crystal and Medusa are supposed to be sisters, yet I’ve seen no sisterly actions between the two of them before things start going bad.

The fight scenes are pretty bad. Too choppy and hard to follow.

I did like Blackbolt and Maximus. The two of them felt interesting to watch. Maximus is the unpowered brother to the King. So of course he wants power and leads a revolt. Blackbolt is the king and doesn’t talk because his power is his voice, and it’s really strong. I enjoyed all of his scenes and don’t mind his sign language communication. And I like his facial expression only means of communicating with people that don’t understand his sign language. The two of them are pretty fun.

What wasn’t needed were flashbacks. They were fast, but I also felt they added nothing. In the case of seeing Blackbolt’s powers, I think not showing their full effect would have been better. We get a hint that it’s from his voice when Blackbolt confronts Maximus. And then later on, we see a taste when Blackbolt gasps. That’s a great teaser for what he can do.

The rest of the episode separates the royal family with the chief of security, Gorgon, on the beach. Karnak, I don’t know his position, in the woods or something. Medusa with some tour group. Blackbolt in the city. Crystal in captivity back at Attilan. And Maximus trying to be the new king. I did not get enough of them together to care at all when they were separated.

That’s the problem. The characters didn’t endear themselves easily, and half of them are thrown into uninteresting situations. It doesn’t make me want to follow them, like Karnak wandering through the forest or Gorgon sitting on the beach. I think Crystal, Blackbolt and Medusa’s scenes were fine, and I really enjoyed Blackbolt’s. For Crystal, while I’m interested in her situation, the actress is rather bland.

I like Lockjaw a lot, but the lack of budget is apparent by how little they show people directly interacting with it. That kind of detail in CGI takes time to do, so they just offscreened it, and that’s disappointing.

There’s also some plot on Earth about scientists tracking things on the moon. No idea where that’s going, but I think the main female scientist will be the one to teach the royal family about how Earth works. It’s just a guess, so who knows.

Well, it’s eight episodes, I hear, so I’ll watch some more. But they need to get the main characters back together, and make them more likable. Fast.


The Shadow Hunters, Premiere

The Shadow Hunters, an urban fantasy where monsters and magic are tangled up with the normal world, and the namesake shadow hunters stop them from hurting humans. Still have not read the book, but I have seen the movie. So I will do some comparisons just because it’s impossible to get out of my mind.

As far as the actors are concerned, I don’t have a preference of one over the other. I liked Clary’s acting in the show, though, especially her panicked searching of her apartment. Effects wise, of course the movie is going to be better. The CGI monsters, though, I wonder if, since they are so humanoid in shape, could be better served by having suits and costumes. And I’m saying that after watching some Face Off, so I know there can be really great-looking stuff.

I am alright with sparkles instead of blood in the fight scenes. I’m glad there/s something spraying out. It makes the combat feel more impactful, even if the swords acted like laser blades that just passed through people.

I am really starting to harp on fight scenes full of quick cuts and jerky camera movement. I know why they are used (to hide them not actually wanting to hurt actors and actors that don’t have great martial arts ability), but it’s just unfortunate that it looks so unclear. This show isn’t bad, but it’s not good about it either. Just sort of in the middle.

One thing I liked more in the show than the movie is Luke telling Valentine’s men that he doesn’t care about Clary. In the show, it’s much more believable when he’s not tied up to a chair at a massive disadvantage in the whole situation.

What I thought was unnecessary was the flashback to young Clary. I think Magnus would be fine introduced just as a mysterious guy without knowing if he was friend or foe. And already a gratuitous chest shot. I’m not sure of the book, but movie Simon was a more adorkable type. The show also seems to follow that same type, but when the adorkable character has the shirtless scene and abs, just dang.

As for the other changes from the original book stories? (Which I’m assuming that the movie version was more faithful) I don’t mind it at all. Don’t know the original book so changes like that don’t bother me. It might upset fans, though, since a lot of stuff has changed. The institue is all high tech and full of people now, which does kinda sap the atmosphere¬†of the show.

Well, let’s see how the rest of the series shapes up. Seems to be about par with the movie right now.

The Chronicles of Shannara, Premiere

You know, I realized I haven’t done a premiere video in a while when I was typgin in my tags and the premiere option popped up as one of my previous entries. So let’s start it up again with the Chronicles of Shannara, a fantasy show based on the Shannara series by Terry Brooks. The second (or is it third since the first episode was a double episode?) will be out by the time this is up, but I haven’t seen it as of writing this.

This show appears to be based on a post-apocalyptic future. This isn’t really a spoiler since they show Earth in the opening title and several old modern (our modern, not their modern) structures overgrown with plants. Dunno how that’s going to play in if at all. Otherwise, this show is fantasy with druids, elves, mad-max trolls and more.

I have not read the books so I won’t be doing any comparisons. In general, I find I enjoy the film/television adaptations more if I don’t know the source material. Usually, I’ll go check out the books afterwards.

Anyway, Chronicles of Shannara starts of feeling kind of teen drama-y. It’s not what I’m particularly looking for in my fantasy. Still, the other parts were interesting. Will and Allanon traveling together was nice, getting to see that old druid keep. The tree, Ellcrys, looks really nice and it was just nasty when it starts getting sick.

What I am hoping for are good fights with the demons. So far, there hasn’t been any huge action showings, just the horror of finding the aftermath. After playing a lot of Dark Souls, I kinda hope for those kind of deliberate slow slashes as giant demons chase after them. With some magic thrown in, maybe.

Still, the concept is really interesting. Tree locking away all of the monsters, and now they’re all coming back? Time to race to save the world. The first episode was mostly setup mixed with teen drama. I am hoping Allanon isn’t the mentor type that eventually dies. He’s great. I’ll need to see the other characters in action more before I pass judgment on them.

Still, this is a pure (post-apocalyptic) fantasy show, so I’m going to watch it since I really enjoy the genre. Sy-fy is pumping out a lot of great sci-fi shows. I hope someone pushes out a lot of pure fantasy shows. An alright start that’s going to keep me watching for a while more at least. Let’s see how future episodes go!