Milly 4, Animals of Vias

Welcome to my thoughts and notes on the animals of Vias! They are a mixture of fish and furry animals. Some are adorable, some are dangerous, but I tried to throw in some strange and wild stuff, too.

Bullbop are large fish that’s used a lot for food. It’s where the kundun get their steak.

The doxon are furry, yak-like creatures. They’re mostly used for milk.

Ribbon dog. I didn’t give them an official name, but they’re like the pets and guard animals. They are pretty friendly, though, so their main use is alerting people someone is there.

The ginka. I had fun with these. They are round penguins! I think making things into the shape of a ball makes them adorable. I have some stuff animals like that. I wanted them to be cute and non-threatening.

The wallowtail are fish that live in the mist. They never stop moving, and they move really fast. They have sharp turns that easily makes people lose their position, meaning they are among the toughest fish to catch.

The junka are the work aniamls of the kundun. They’re kind of like doxon, but with thicker fur and humps on their backs. Oh, and they have webbed feet. For that, I was sort of going for a snowshoe like effect that allows them to stay on top of the snow.

Wind Squirrels are squirrels. They live in what little trees there are in Vias and they have wind magic.

The Baringa, now these were something I wanted to add. They are like merpeople, and what fantasy story couldn’t use some merpeople? I made them the dangerous kind that lures people in. Vias was the only place with a lot of water, so I had to throw them in.

I had fun with the entire section. It’s an entire wrecked ship area that just has a great feel to it, for me. I hope it was atmospheric for you, too.

The clossis. Now these guys are something I added for the sense of wonder and danger. One thing I’m afraid of in deep-sea animals is things so large that they can’t possibly be supported on land. These are not quite that big, but they are the sea serpents that show up on the maps. Their design is based on a similar monster in a video game. I had them eat magems mostly as an excuse for them to attack the cruise ship, because otherwise cruise ships would be far too dangerous in Vias. Most of the time, they stick to themselves.

Alright, now for the spackilo. These are the giant mosnters of the depth that I think about, things so large that if you’re too close, you think you’re looking at a wall. These fulfill the fantasy of an entire town being inside of a living creature. I want one massive-type animal for each province, like ancient spirits that have always been around. The spackilo are those for Vias.

There are a few named once, but Vannuk is the oldest. Maybe there are other spackilo’s with whole towns inside them. Who knows? But they are considered guardians of the ocean. They are helpful and rescue people that fall in. It’s sort of what they do, though they don’t let people out afterwards.

The spackilo people was perhaps my favorite part of the book. It’s just a interesting town that survives and thrives inside a giant whale. I don’t have much more backstory to the spackilo people, though. They aren’t some offshoot of the kundun. They are their own thing that has always lived inside the spackilo. I wanted to give them a mysterious feel, so I had them all wrapped up. They get dried out easily, so they need all that protection.

That’s it for the creature and animals of Vias. Next time, some closing thoughts on the book!


Milly 4, the Kundun

The kunduns are the residents of Vias, the Ice Province. Their design is based on an old video game character. You know Darkstalkers? It is an old Capcom fighting game. There is a character in there called Sasquatch. He pretty much is what his name implies, a furry, cute guy with a huge mouth. That’s what I wanted the kundun to look like, but I made them smaller.

For their culture, I probably mixed together a whole bunch of cold weather stuff. I took insipiration from Alaskan Natives a lot as well as some other places, but mostly, I made stuff up. Some of their building designs come from viking stuff, others were thick, log structures. I think Skyrim structures influenced my thinking a lot. I liked that the kundun are an artistic race, but they mainly keep their art to themselves.

Some notes individual characters. For the kundun, the ship captains are in charge when out in the ocean. It’s not really like a military, though, more like civilian ships. Things aren’t that strict, but a captain’s order are expected to be followed. Like Captain Ratu, who is a fishing vessel captain, or Captain Varq of a cruise ship.

There’s Halmin, who is just a wise old woman.

Balli, the guide for this province, wasn’t even created when I first started the story. Originally, I thought Captain Varq would be the guide. But then I realised his personality wouldn’t allow for it. I needed someone else to help Milly through the province, so I made up Balli. That’s the reason for his relatively late introduction compared to the other guides. It did help give him a good reason for helping Milly, though, against what his people would normally do.

That’s it for the kundun. Next time, the animals and creatures of the Ice Province!

Milly, Characters

Eastown, Cornwilla’s home village. She is well-known there and not liked that much. For all she tries to make things better with her inventions, things usually turn out worse. Arton is the mayer, and far too old to be dealing with Cornwilla’s stuff.

I don’t know if I revealed this in the story, or maybe I just changed my mind afterwards, but Cornwilla is also adopted. I think I might have her as not knowing she was adopted. She was just left in the village one day and the mayor took her in. I think that Cornwilla does have some notion that she’s adopted just because there’s no mother figure.

No, Tenna is not a mother figure. Tenna is just the secretary. She might care for Cornwilla, but it’s not in a familial way. In a sense, Cornwilla sort of has been raised by a village with no one setting clear boundaries for her.

Looking back over my notes, I didn’t have that many characters from murt. There were only two momoth characters that really interacted with Cornwilla. The first is the province guide Reting.

Reting is a cheerful guy that plays a flute. I wanted someone upbeat and who doesn’t let a bad situation get the best of him.

He is sort of abused by Cornwilla, but they do become friends over the course of the story. Reting also counts as the guide for Murt. He’s like the previous guides. Later on, we see that Milly has no guide, or rather, Milly was sort of invited and given a way to go.

The other character is Kowee. She’s the reason everything is happening. Her rank is a Top-Level Preceptor. As you can imagine, there would be lower ranked preceptors. But basically, she’s among the smartest people in Murt, at least when it comes to magic and research.

Still, thought Kowee might have caused a problem, she’s somewhat reasonable about it. And being a reasonable person, she would have stopped it. That’s why I made a new problem in the last part for a final action scene. It also made Cornwilla the clear hero of the story this time.

There were a few other momoth characters such as the shrine caretakers. I enjoyed writing them, actually.

That’s all for characters. Next time, I’ll talk about the animals of Murt!

Milly, The Night Province of Murt

Murt is located in the southwest part of the floating island. While I call it the Night Province, it’s not usually always covered in darkness. It has a day and night cycle just like everywhere else. It would be kind of tough to do a world of only night when Murt is just a small part of one place. Murt is called the Night Province because it’s more active at night than it is during the day. Most things there are nocturnal.

I gave an asian feel to the province of Murt. It wasn’t too heavy, but some of the architecture are Pagoda-like. And because the people are moths, I wanted to have their village built around lights. The villages are all built around giant lampposts basically.

Just because the province prefers to be active at night doesn’t mean it’s going to be dark and hard to see. While the people of Murt can see in the dark, I wanted a fantastical glowing sort of feel. There are a lot of glowing plants and bioluminescense. Alright, I probably spelled that wrong. Imagine James Cameron’s Avatar for that kind of light (if you’ve seen the movie).

The Momoths are a race of, well, large moths, really. I had their wings constantly give off colorful powder for a more mystical effect. They prefer to fly, even if just traveling along the ground, but they can move normally too. I think I might be changing design heres, but buildings meant only for momoths have large open spaces in the middle with everything on shelves along the walls.

Murt is a more serene place, as long as you stick to the towns and villages. The momoths like music and meditating. Other than the wizards, the momoths are the ones that most research magic.

I made the landscape of Murt more alien just to differentiate it from the Forest Province, Lillilin. I made the trees more like clusters of tendrils. There is a large ravine with numerous waterfalls flowing through them. Basically, it’s more of a mishmash of things I think would look good at night.

I wanted there to be some intrigue, too, by having there be giant, ancient spirits roaming around. The ancient spirits don’t directly try to influence things, but they do like gifts. I wanted to keep them mysterious and not a huge focus, though I guess I couldn’t resist for one part.

Next time, I’ll talk about some of the characters in this book!

Milly, News

Huh, okay. I found this old post about my Nanowrimo series, Milly, that was saved as a draft. It’s a shorter post about the various Rock Giants that Milly meets during the second book. I have no idea if I posted something like it or not, but I’ll post it now. It will be the second half of the post since this part is an announcement!

After too long, I have finally put up books 3 and 4 to my Milly series! For those that don’t know, it’s a childrens book I’ve been writing, one a year, during Nanowrimo. That means there are still a lot of writing mistakes in there that I have yet to correct. The style is meant sort of to be like the Wizard of Oz. A girl gets taken to a magical land where she has wonderous adventures!

All four books are available to read for free on my Google docs. Find the links here.

I’ll start putting up my thought process on the characters and plots starting next week. So, hope you’ll stay around for that!

And below is the post I had on draft.

In keeping with my approach of not having anyone be outright villainous, not even villains with good reasons, I made all of the sessa reasonable even though they were the main antagonists of the book.

Oh, here are the list of Rock Giants that I named. I gave the first few some more well-known names and hopefully it would be obvious of the naming scheme Milly was using. Now I guess the question is how does Milly know about all the mountains? Perhaps she planned out going there?

The named giants are Rocky, the first one Milly met. Everest is the largest one she’s met. Arapile is the newborn rock giant. And Cooroora is the one waiting in the lava field. Whatever I set up with Cooroora, I hope I remember in the future books because it will happen!

Milly, Magems

This will probably be a shorter post. And with my rush of posts dwindling down, I might go back to one post a week. Well, you’ll be able to see what I do when it happens.

But for now, back to the world of Milly for one last post. I realized a short while ago that I’ve never talked about one part of the world, the magems. First up, I will admit they area  pure aid to help move the plot along and make the world more fantastical. I didn’t want to get into the learning of magic, and not everyone can be a wizard anyway. Now, with magems, there is a way for Milly to use magic without needing to learn how! And it makes life super convenient for those medieval times.

Of course magems is a contraction of magic and gems. The different gems has a different charge capacity. In the world of Benaville, gems are common enough that their value solely comes from being able to hold magic. And once the magic is all used up, the gems turn to dust.

The order of charge from lowest to highest is: Agate, opal, carnelian, jade, topaz, garnet, sapphire, emerald, ruby, diamond.

Then there are the special magem materials Moonstone, Sunstone and Obsidian. Yes, moonstones and sunstones are real things. I did not take them from Pokemon.

Now magems provide their own set of problems, and that is inventory. I need to keep track of what magems Milly has and how much charge they have available. Though it has yet to really happen, I might try to make a situation in the future where a needed magem runs out of charge, so she’ll need to improvise.

Part of the reason I let Milly become an official of the government in the second book was because I could reset her magems and can continue to do so every book. Now each book has a fresh set of magems!

Oh, and you all know that Obisidan Magem is going to be special. It’s not going to be used until late, late into the book, though, so I’ll be keeping on mentioning it every so often.

That’s about all the information I have on magems. They are a simpel way to use magic for the people, and they allow me to ignore the laws of physics and convection when it is convenient. Yay!

Milly, the Mountain Province, Characters

Ah, this will be the final part of my design notes on Dorr, the Mountain Province. This will be about the characters that Milly meets during her adventures in their.

King of Dorr. Well, he is the King of Dorr. I don’t have a name for him. Maybe if he comes back in a later book, I’ll come up with one. He’s supposed to be an aloof type of King, one that cares about his people but doesn’t let it show. I don’t have too much about him. I think he wasn’t in the original plan. The King really is just a way to get Milly to the actual antagonist of the book.

Thinking on it now, he’s just like the King’s that heroes get their quests from.

Third Duke of Dorr, Geriss. So, since he’s the third duke, does that mean there are dukes one and two? Why yes it does. Weill they become characters later? Who knows!

My plan was never to have him be a bad guy. The people of Dorr still like him. Really, it’s only Milly and Carl that has a problem with him. He and Soarwidhe are friends, though Geriss is just too focused on the Sessa way of doing things. It does run at odds with the Dragon way of life. They both do care for each other.

Also, I had him give Soarwidhe a hoard of gold to sleep on just because we all know dragon’s love hoarding gold. Well, not in my book, but all of the gold is soothing to Soarwidhe.

Otherwise, the Third Duke is just sort of a loner. That’s why his keep is so far out of the way. Soarwidhe really was his first friend. The other sessa in the keep are his servants.

Nathootha. I would have to say she is my favorite Sessa character of this book. Her name actually comes from the game Brave Frontier. There is a weapon in their called the Batootha. I kind of like the way it rolls of the tongue. It’s sort of smooth and awkward at the same time. So her name was just modified a bit.

She has that uncertain fear about doing things but will stay and help out her friends as much as she can.

Nathootha serves the same role as Chrillo in this book, a guide for Milly as she goes through the land. Maybe she’ll be a recurring character like how I plan to have Chrillo show up again in future books.

Rock Giants. I didn’t give them much individual personality. Probably because they are too slow to show it in the page time they received! Heh. They are nice and reasonable if you would just talk to them, though.