Milly, Magems

This will probably be a shorter post. And with my rush of posts dwindling down, I might go back to one post a week. Well, you’ll be able to see what I do when it happens.

But for now, back to the world of Milly for one last post. I realized a short while ago that I’ve never talked about one part of the world, the magems. First up, I will admit they area  pure aid to help move the plot along and make the world more fantastical. I didn’t want to get into the learning of magic, and not everyone can be a wizard anyway. Now, with magems, there is a way for Milly to use magic without needing to learn how! And it makes life super convenient for those medieval times.

Of course magems is a contraction of magic and gems. The different gems has a different charge capacity. In the world of Benaville, gems are common enough that their value solely comes from being able to hold magic. And once the magic is all used up, the gems turn to dust.

The order of charge from lowest to highest is: Agate, opal, carnelian, jade, topaz, garnet, sapphire, emerald, ruby, diamond.

Then there are the special magem materials Moonstone, Sunstone and Obsidian. Yes, moonstones and sunstones are real things. I did not take them from Pokemon.

Now magems provide their own set of problems, and that is inventory. I need to keep track of what magems Milly has and how much charge they have available. Though it has yet to really happen, I might try to make a situation in the future where a needed magem runs out of charge, so she’ll need to improvise.

Part of the reason I let Milly become an official of the government in the second book was because I could reset her magems and can continue to do so every book. Now each book has a fresh set of magems!

Oh, and you all know that Obisidan Magem is going to be special. It’s not going to be used until late, late into the book, though, so I’ll be keeping on mentioning it every so often.

That’s about all the information I have on magems. They are a simpel way to use magic for the people, and they allow me to ignore the laws of physics and convection when it is convenient. Yay!