Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Okay, mild spoilers for something that happens in the first ten or so minutes of the movie. This movie is about time travel, suprisingly enough. Yeah, I didn’t get that from any of the trailers at all. But Jake wants to feel closer to his grandfather, so he goes to his grandfathers old group home. His granfather has been telling stories about the home and about all of the peculiar children that live there and the woman that runs it, Miss Peregrine.

And when I say peculiar, I mean all this children have some kind of ability, like X-men.

Of course it’s all true. And so, Jake gets drawn into a strange new world of time travel. It’s kind of confusing time travel, too. There are some stories that don’t make time travel so confusing. This one just rolls with it and hopes people don’t think about it that much. It just feels like a really convoluted way to hide the peculiar children.

I have not read the books, but I think it was that way in the books, too. Might as well keep it the same for the movie.

The movie is a bit slow paced. It takes a long while before we get to know why the peculiars all need to hide within a time loop. I do not mind that at all. I really liked the parts where Jake is just getting to known the children. There’s a lot of them, and they all get some cool or cute scenes to show off. I hear most of them are pretty different from the book, but I do like the movie versions. The group is a family, and that comes through over the first part of the film where they’re just living and getting along.

Miss Peregrine is a sharp figure that has a tight control on keeping the children safe. It’s also a prison of sorts, but there are dangers out in the world for the peculiar children.

The atmosphere of the movie is pretty nice. Miss Peregrine’s home is locked in a loop back in World War 2, and everything has that old feel charm without the horrors of war. Overall, the feel of the movie is engaging and really adds to it.

Once the action starts, things get weirder than before. The CGI could use some work, but the monsters are still really creepy. And Samuel L. Jackson is great in the film. He’s just so over the top in all instances, and it’s hilarious how he acts like minor things are personal affronts to his very being.

It is a peculiar movie that builds up a great atmosphere throughout. The pacing in the beginning is really slow. I enjoy it, but I can see it as being a bit too much consecutive moments of just building characters. Then the second part happens with all the danger and action. It still retains the feeling of the first half, which is good, but I felt it was weaker than the first part.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is enjoyable, especially for someone like me that enjoys a glance at people just living their strange life.


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