How I Look at a Movie’s Reception

Alright, that was a long title. But it’s most accurate to what I want to say. And this is specifically for movies. I tend not to look into critical receptions of TV shows. They’re easier to watch and tend to be an hour or less, so I don’t have any real reason not to check out something that might be interesting. Other than lack of time, of course.

But for movies, I find myself using Rotten Tomatoes now to decide what movies to watch. I do know what their meter means. It just shows the percentage of people that said, “Yes,” to the movie versus those that said, “No.” It is not indicative of quality. But I find that I am a commoner, and I will like what most people likes.

Does that mean I won’t enjoy movies that score low on the meter? Not at all. Before I used Rotten Tomatoes, I would just go to movies. I checked out some of them on the site and there were a few rotten ones, but I still enjoyed them.

So why am I using them now? Mostly as an easy way to filter out things I possibly want to see but turn out that it might not be worth it. There are just so many movies coming out. Now, I haven’t measured or anything, but I think each progressive year, more and more movies are coming out. So I want a simple way to decide see in in theaters or watch it later on TV. I’m still seeing them, just not paying movie theater prices. And I’m pretty certain I’ll still enjoy them.

Now I usually don’t read the reviews. Ironic for a guy that writes reviews, isn’t it? I just stick to an overall score. It works for me. I get to hone in on stuff that will most likely be really enjoyable, and for the stuff that might not be, I’ll catch it later. I’m in no rush.

For a recent example, I wanted to see A Wrinkle In Time. But based on the overall reception to it, I think I’ll catch it on-demand or on TV later. It says nothing about how much I’ll enjoy the film, but just how much I think it’s worth traveling to the theater and paying ticket prices to see it.

For some films, I’ll see it anyway, regardless of overall reception. Those are films that are in the genre I really enjoy. For now, it’s mostly superhero films. Went to see the DC universe films and those tend to have less than warm things said about them. But I liked the films. Another film I’ll probably see is Ocean’s 8 regardless of what’s said about it because I want to.

That’s how I use the critical reception. Not to tell me what to see and what not to see, because I already know what I like, but to  tell me what I would prefer to see in theaters versus watching them at home.

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