The Punisher

The shoutiest of the “heroes.” And I put “heroes” in quotes because the Punisher isn’t really a hero. Sure, he’s taking out bad guys, but he’s way over the top violent, angry and dangerous. And it makes for quite a ride.

The Punisher is about Frank Castle, a former marine on a revenge mission on the people that killed his dead family. He thought he was done, but there’s much more to it than that, so he’s back, punishing again. This show is pretty violent, both with close quarters combat and gun combat. Expect a lot of blood, but it’s the Punisher. He does well in that tone.

I like the way they portray Frank. He’s sort of quiet, to the point, but he’s not brooding. He’s just guarded, but there are times when he’s happy, maybe even genuinely. And when Frank starts fighting, that’s when the rage happens, and it well done.

The other characters in the show are all fun to watch. There’s Micro, Frank’s partner. They start off rocky, but they develop into a great friendship that’s not sappy. It’s all business, but they can let their guards down around each other. Micro’s family is also pretty great. I found those scenes a great break of pace from the show, and I really like Frank’s interaction with them, too.

On the law enforcement side, there’s Madani, who is also trying to stop the same people Frank is. Of course, she’s also going after Frank since he’s the Punisher. She’s alright. I enjoy her more when she has another character to bounce off of, and she gets to interact with quite a lot of interesting people.

Another side is the veteran’s suffering from PTSD side. It’s prominent in the show. While it’s not apparent how the story connects to the overall plot in the beginning, I think it still added to the tone and feel. They want to put out real problems that veterans are facing, and I think it does a good job. The characters there are interesting and tragic.

Speaking on the veteran’s group, it does go into a problem with the show. The beginning feels really slow. I feel it’s about episode 6 before things really come together. Because early on, it’s a bit of Frank doing stuff. Then there’s the veteran’s group, which Frank isn’t a part of, so it feel like another story entirely. And it takes two whole episodes before Frank and Micro even begin to work together. After that, though, things start falling into place at a much better pace.

I really enjoy the Punisher. It’s violent, it has a lot of heart and good moments, too. It’s not all about darkness and punishing people. And I like that, while the show points out some issues with society and how veterans are treated, it doesn’t really put forth a solid answer. It’s a complicated topic for certain.


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