Have you ever wondered why Wolverine, a guy with indestructible claws coming out of his hands doesn’t cause more carnage and bloodshed when he fights? Have you ever wanted that bloodshed and carnage to happen? Well, this movie is it. Logan is the wolverine without being toned down for a lower ESRB rating. Here, Logan swears, he shanks people through the face, and he gets shanked, too. And it’s all there to see.

Oh, did you also want a Logan that’s back to being a huge jerk again? I didn’t, but hey, he’s been through a lot of stuff. I can cut him some slack.

This movie is relatively low-key. No fancy powers here. Just Logan and his rage. There are some other mutants around, of course, but most of them are gone through some event or other, including most of the X-Men. That just leaves Logan and Charles. The story kicks off when a new mutant comes to Logan for help, a child named Laura.

My goodness, this movie would not work if it wasn’t for how good Laura’s actress (Dafne Keen) does. She is the secondary protagonist, and she every much matches Logan in screen presence. The girl is a little ball of rage, but she’s also scared and vulnerable. A great job all around.

Hugh Jackman is still great as Wolverine. This time, he gets to curse along with stabbing everyone that tries to get in his way. But his powers are failing. That leads to a more jerkish Wolverine, perhaps even more than when we were first introduced to him in the original X-Men. You know, definitely more of a jerk this time around. But he’s still not completely horrible, and you just know he’ll come through when needed.

This movie is emotional and raw. It tells a much smaller story compared to the other mutant movies. The world isn’t in danger, just one girl. And it is great. With less characters, each one gets to really shine. And everyone is fantastic in this.

Logan is a great movie with all the claw rampage a viewer would want.


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