NaNoWriMo 2017

It’s almost here again! This time, it feels like NaNoWriMo snuck up on me even faster than before. I am not prepared at all. I mean, alright, I have some preparation, but that’s just from thinking about how to continue the story over the year. But once again, there’s no formal planning, outline or anything like that. I know the general idea and don’t even have a proper ending. This is going to be wild.

Of course, this year I’m going to be continuing to book 5 of my Milly series. I am still wondering if I should go to 8 books or not on this series. I know there are eight provinces, but the first book actually went through 2 provinces. Maybe if I do go to eight books, I’ll revist the first two to flesh them out some more. Also, I really want to get to book 7. I have so many ideas for that district. It’ll be wild.

For thosr that don’t know, Milly is my children’s book series about a girl trapped in a strange magical world. The world is made up for 8 provinces plus the wizards city in the middle. Each book, she goes on an adventure in one of the provinces while trying to figure out how to get home. The world is fanciful and full of wonder since I’m making up a lot of stuff on the fly to fill word count. There are lots of magic and many different magical people live there. So check it out! The first four books can be found here.

Anyway, here’s a quick preview of book 5. Milly and Cornwilla are going to the Desert Province! Desert, not dessert, right? Geeze. I am going to have so much problems with that. Anyway, I have some fun magical things planned, and the Desert Province will have two main races rather than just one.

Also, afterwards NaNoWriMo is over, I’ll start putting up my thoughts and notes on book 4. I know I should have done it far earlier, but it’ll be coming. And I also already have ideas on book 6, too. Hope I still have those in mind when it actually comes around. Probably.


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