Spider-Man: Homecoming

This is the third different Spider-Man universe, but this time, its in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)! That means so many more possibilities! I enjoyed most of the previous Spider-Man films, but having oen as part of a larger superhero world is really cool. Peter Parker, Spider-Man’s real identity, being younger than the previous versions adds a lot of fun to the story. This time around, Peter Parker is only fifteen and still in high school.

I really like their immediate connection to the rest of the MCU world. It works great and doesn’t feel too much at all. It also gives the main villain an understandable motive for doing what he does. Vulture is the villain this time around, and he’s a good one. Unlike some other villains, he has a completely reasonable goal, provide for his family, only he does bad things while doing so. But he’s not out to ruin anything or take over anything. And it makes him pretty compelling. Michael Keaton is also great at portraying him.

Unlike most other Spider-Man movies, this one is not too busy. Vulture is the main villain, and there’s not a lot to distract from that.

While this movie is not an origin film, it is still pretty much the first time Spider-Man has faced any serious threats. It shows really shows him growing into it, all while still being an awkward kid. He’s funny, he tries to be manacing to the criminals, he tries to act cool and how he thinks a superhero should act. It’s adorable. And like any kid, he messes up and gets in over his head.

My main issue with the movie, I suppose, is how much they rely on the adults don’t listen to kids storyline. It’s overdone, really, and Peter’s suit is even recording all of his interactions with the bad guys! Why, with what Peter has seen, would that not warrant a more forceful response from the adults? Okay, specifically a certain adult, and I’ll consider it a spoiler even though he was in the trailers. So I’ll talk about it more in the spoiler section.

Other than that, Spider-Man: Homecoming is a great movie where Peter tries to get used to his new superhero status while still being in high school. It doesn’t do anything new, but it does most things great. Though I suppose it does say something about the side-characters seeing that I have no real comments about them. Aunt May really wasn’t in the movie enough, and she should be in it more. I also really liked Donald Glover’s character. He’s not in it much, but he’s great when he shows up.

Alright, now for some spoilers!

The adult I referenced previously is, of course, Tony Start, the Iron Man. He gave Peter a Spider-Man suit with all sorts of features. And he’s also keeping an eye on Spider-Man. I think with all that has happened, he could do more than try some normal FBI agents. Because while a big disaster might not have happened without Spider-Man, no way the FBI agents were stopping the Vulture.

Still, Tony Stark works as a great mentor to Peter. Peter believes he needs the suit to be something, and Tony has definitely gone through that before. It works well. Tony also doesn’t take over the movie, so the hero of the day is all Spider-Man. Yet, this movie really couldn’t happen without taking place in the MCU. It just weaves in really well.

Though seriously, how many villains is Tony going to influence into badness? Aldrich Killian, Ultron, Pietro and Wanda, and now Adrian Toomes. For real, Tony should have the guilt.

This is a fun movie with a great villain and even greater possibilities for the future.

Super end of movie spoilers ahead!

I am so glad to see Pepper Potts again! It’s just good to know things are going well between her and Tony again, or just to see what she’s up to since we last saw her quite a while ago.


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