iZombie, Season 3

My favorite zombie forensic specialist and her detective partner is back! But this season is so short. I wanted more, and this show deserves more. Due to the shortness of the season, there are some plot points that don’t get resolved, though I think they’ll be doing them a bit next season. Still, this season tells one fun story with some great sad moments, funny moments and everything in between.

The biggest change up (and this will be spoilers from the past season), this season Clive Babineaux knows that Liv is a zombie! And he just gets so much better for it. Clive has the best reaction to things, and now that he knows about zombies, he gets even more as he gets pulled deeper into their world.

Blaine’s been kind of up and down this season. There really wasn’t one big awesome Blaine moment, but he and Liv does get some really cool scenes together. With Fillmore Graves around, Blaine’s zombie empire isn’t as big as before, so I hope that gets changed in the future. I do like the kind of frenemy thing he has going on with Liv and gang, though. And Don-E, that guy’s great!

In this season, the threat of zombies being revealed to the world are becoming more and more likely. There’s no single bad guy, just a lot of people trying to figure out what to do. I really like the different persepectives, from the zombie hunters to the zombie militia. Liv is just trying to do her medical crime-solving thing, but she gets dragged along.

The cases of the week, while fun, feel less important than before. The brains she eats are more to help the overall plot with the case of the week taking a backseat, but the show still works really well. And now that Clive knows about zombies, he can get in on the overall plot.

Peyton, too, seems to be getting more important, and that’s great.

iZombie is great fun. It’s concept still works, and the show is not afraid to push the world forward. It’s going to be a wild 4th season.


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