Hmm, I’ll say that when these life action Disney remakes first started coming out, I didn’t have a huge interest in them. I still don’t, actually, but I surely would watch them if they were on TV, like this one.

And Maleficent isn’t a remake, either. It’s a retelling of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, but with Maleficent as the main character. I will say that I really enjoyed the movie, actually. I could have used less action scenes, but I like twists on well-known stories. Maleficent does it pretty well and makes her a compelling character. Okay, I don’t remember the original Disney Sleeping Beauty much, but I don’t think either Aurora or Maleficent were too interesting.

This film has fun visuals, both in the fairy woods of the Moors and in the, uh, Sleeping Beauty Kingdom (I don’t know the kingdom’s name). Angelina Jolie does really well as Maleficent. We get to see a younger Maleficent introdution in the movie, and dang, she grew cheekbones like crazy. Aurora is also fun to watch.

As this changes events of the original a lot, I’m going to go more into detail in the spoiler section of the review. For me, I really enjoyed the changes and the new information present. Aurora is much more involved this time around, though the story is still definitely Maleficents. The two characters play off each other really well.

Oh, and Diaval, the crow, has gotten really fun.

Overall, I enjoyed it. The special effect battles are probably a bit overdone and mostly for cool action scenes, but beyond that, it’s a fun movie.

Onto some spoilery parts.

So, at first, I wasn’t sure who was really going to be the bad guy of the film. I mean, it could still be Maleficent, but seems kind of depressing for a children’s film to have the main character die at the end. And this Maleficent isn’t pure evil. She has a rather good reason for doing what she did.

And that’s what allows for some great scenes between Maleficent and Aurora.

By the midway point, you’ll definitely know who’s the bad guy of the film.

Now as for who was going to wake up Aurora, I knew it wasn’t going to be Prince Phillip. Fairy tale story aside, it doesn’t feel satisfying to have a true love’s kiss between two people that met once for all of five minutes or so. And there were only two other people that Aurora had constant contact with (on screen), Diaval and Maleficent.

Overall, I’m glad with the way it turned out in the end. Yes, it has a happy ending, yes, I’m fine that it’s so different from the original movie. It works for the story they’re telling. Maleficent is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty that has enough changes to keep it interesting throughout.

The dragon scene is pretty rad, too.


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