This show is crazy in all the right ways! Season one, they tried to be a serious crime drama using Gotham as a setting and certain Batman characters. Season 2, they said forget that, let’s go full comic book. And season 3 continues that trend of doing crazy things. Bruce is getting more and more Batman-like. Gordon is dealing with ever more dangerous criminals. Bullock is dealing with it all the best way he knows how, drinking (comedically, there’s no real drinking storyline here).

They manage to keep Penguin as a really compelling and fun to watch character. When they first started the show, I was curious how they could make Penguin remain interesting all the way up until the Batman time. But they do manage it well. Riddler is also getting better now that he’s a full villain.

They made a curious choice with Ivy by aging her up a bit through some Hugo strangery. And it still sort of feels like they don’t know what to do with the character. She still has the mind of an eleven year old (or however old she was before) but now she has the body of a twenty-something. It’s strange. Later on in the season, I enjoyed Ivy more due to her interactions with other characters.

Butch is woefully underused this season, unfortunately. He was always a fun character.

The plot starts off with a brand new threat, the Mad Hatter. With so many crazy villains, he still manages to stand out and is fun to watch whenever he’s on screen. His interactions with Gordon are some good stuff especially now that Gordon has adopted a too-old-for-this attitude.

This season, they are really pushing Bruce’s growth. It’s like they’re rushing him to be Batman a bit. It could work, and I suppose there’s only so many ways a kid could be involved in the crime world of Gotham. Still, the actor playing Bruce, David Mazouz, has grown up pretty well. It’s really noticeable on flashbacks to the first season. And his interactions with Alfred and Selina are well done.

This season keeps up the craziness of season 2. It brings back characters I didn’t really expect to see again and ties them all into the season long plot. Each episode is a wild ride, some a lot wilder than others. Sometimes, this show can be so comic-booky in the best way.

Onto some spoiler thoughts on this crazy season.

I think a weak point in the season is Isabella. There is just no way a character that perfect for Riddler shows up that looks just like his old dead crush. It never gets brought up as anything more than coincidence, and that’s even with a known clone running around. But Isabella isn’t likely a clone since why would the people that made the clones care about Riddler and Penguin?

Also, really like other Bruce and the little song that shows up whenever he shows up.

And after seeing Tabitha for two season us a whip as her weapon, somehow it never crossed my mind that Selina would eventually get training from Tabitha. Yet it’s so perfect when it does happen!

Let’s go, season 4!


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