Arrow, Season Finale

So, I heard a lot of good things about seasons 1 and 2. Some good things about 3. Bad things about 4. Haven’t watched any of them. And I’m here for season 5! Out of all the CW hero shows, this one felt the most cohesive. I think it’s from having one main villain through pretty much all of the season, and Arrow does one main villain well. There’s rarely any why don’t they just beat the villain already. Throughout the entire season, the interactions between Team Arrow and the villain were great. Everything just unfurls at the right speed, and the things that happen in between were fun, too.

So, new to the season is an entirely new team to help support Oliver. We have Ragman, who was a cool character. It’s too bad he never came bag, since he looked nice and had a cool power. I guess he was too powerful for the show where everyone else is normal.

We have Artemis, who I don’t get and wasn’t utilized enough really. I sort of think having her just leave the show on episode, uh, the one where Oliver got kidnapped, would have been a nice arc. As what we got, I don’t know. She’s just there, now.

Wild Dog is my favorite out of Oliver’s new team. Probably not surprising since he’s also around the longest. He gets the most development and really feels like a main character. And he still has more plot going into the future. So while he starts off annoying, he becomes a really strong character.

Dinah is cool. There wasn’t much focus on her after finding out her backstory, but she does remain kickass all through the season.

Speaking of kickass, Arrow has the best fight scenes out of the CW superhero shows, too. They can’t rely on special effects, so they need to have good fighting, and that they do. There’s just a lot of impressive stunts going on.

So yeah, really liked Arrow. It tells a rough story with a devious and threatening main antagonist. The side stuff is enjoyable, too. There were a few points I wondered why the villain wasn’t doing anything, but it didn’t happen enough times for me to care much.

And boy, that was quite a finale. Between Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, it’s tough to tell which finale I liked more. Both were great. Even for me, not having seen the previous seasons, seeing what Oliver was doing was still awesome.


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