Supergirl, Season 2

Supergirl, now on the CW. Unfortunately, one of my favorite characters is now just a guest star. I’m talking about Cat Grant. She was the one Supergirl looked up to and got advice from. Now she needs to learn life lessons all by herself! Maxwell Lord also didn’t make the move, so we got Lena Luthor this time.

I really like Lena Luthor in the show. She has great chemistry with Kara, both as Kara and Supergirl. And I hear Lena is now a show regular for next season, yay.

Other new characters this season include Mon-El, the person in the pod. He’s from Daxom, a planet in Krypton’s solar system. The two plants dislike each other, and I think Mon-El had a fine arc. It was a bit Supergirl centric, but I didn’t mind that too much. He has great scenes with the others, though, and I wanted more of that.

There’s Maggie, who is a new love interest for one of the existing characters. She’s a cop, and I would like to see her doing more cop things. Much like Mon-El, she seems to only exist in relation to the person she’s dating. Having more time dedicated to her away from that would help, otherwise she’s simply there. Still a pretty good character, though.

Then we have M’gann, another Martian! She’s a love interest of Jonn’s, but the actors look like they have a huge age gap. Yeah, shapeshifting aliens and all, but still a huge age gap. Other than that, she was alright. Jonn is still the main Martian, though.

And finally, Snapper Carr, Kara’s new boss. He’s not around nearly enough to fill the same role as Cat Grant, but he tries. And he does put in effort despite his appearances. We just didn’t really get enough of Kara’s job at Catco in the season to make him important.

As a whole, though, the season was uneven and wonky. The fights are alright for TV. They work with that the budget they have. The plot is what’s a bit wonky. There are high spots and low spots, but the high spots are still really good. There are just large gaps between when the current bad guy does things so random adventures are slotted in. It makes the season feel pretty slow. But we do get more alien stuff this season, a lot more.

I think in general, it was trying to do a season long arc that just puttered out too often. There was no convincing big bad for a while. Things meandered along too much. If they could tighten things up for next season, that would work wonders. There’s no need to have a season long bad guy. I did like the two multi-episode bad guys that Supergirl had to fight. They just needed to be integrated better.

Oh, and Superman is in this season! And he’s awesome. He’s charming, happy and a great guy.

Time for season 3.


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