Wonder Woman

I will never get tired of hearing the electric cello rift that is Wonder Woman’s theme. It doesn’t fit into the period of the movie, but who cares. It’s completely awesome and everyone time it comes out, you know things are getting heated.

This movie is fantastic, everything I wanted out of a Wonder Woman movie. There’s a few modern pieces that relates to what happened at the end of Batman V Superman, but overall, the movie is self-contained, not trying to set anything up. It’s just one good story for Wonder Woman, and it works great. Most of the film takes place during World War I, and it all looks pretty good.

Gal gives a great performance as Wonder Woman from being upbeat and curious to being furious at the war causing so much harm to innocents. She wants to help and no one will stop her.

Steve Trevor is great, too. He’s the man that shows Wonder Woman more of the world. after the beginning, he stops trying to keep her safe because he knows she can handle herself. But he still worries because there is a lot of complexities in the world that Wonder Woman doesn’t know about, yet.

The two of them are both strong in their own way. The movie never needs to demean anyone to build up Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman stands taller than the others through her character and beliefs.

There are some side characters tagging along. While they don’t have a huge impact on the movie, I enjoyed their presence. They’re all shown to be more than just soldiers. All of them have aspirations unrelated to war at all. It makes them more than just tagalong parts of the team.

The action scenes in Wonder Woman are also pretty great. They lean a bit heavy on the slow motion, but they also mainly happen in important and emotional points. Also, I like how much they incorporate the lasso into Wonder Woman’s fighting style. I am curious why she sought to bring it in the first place, but she knows how to use it. And the fighting does have a lot of great stuff when there’s no slow motion going on.

The fighting really showcases just how powerful Wonder Woman is. And as a whole, the DC movies have great action scenes with great effects. They really show just how much beyond normal people their heroes are, especially Wonder Woman and Superman.

The movie has some humorous stuff, too, but it always knowns when to get serious. And the serious stuff is emotional. Wonder Woman has a solid storyline told all the way through without trying to set up other stuff, and it makes for one great movie. And Wonder Woman herself is a powerful force all through the movie.

It’s the best DC cinematic universe movie and a great comic boook movie, too. And now it’s time for my spoiler thoughts.

What I think the movie could have used. Early on, they have Steve explain why he was fighting the war. I think we could have used a short flashback or something to show why he was so committed because he stated he already tried doing nothing. They should elaborate on that! What nothing did he do that makes him regret his choice?

Also, they never say the words Wonder Woman once in the film. Just a bit of a namedrop would be great.

The villains for the movie have great screen presence, but not much beyond that. I have no idea why Dr. Poison is the way she is. She’s creepy and great to watch, but she’s also just there doing her stuff like some random scientist. She could also use a bit of backstory to help.

The final action sequence of the movie includes a lot of CGI, and I like it. They showed off a lot of super fighting, and now they get to show off super powered fighting. While I wouldn’t say it was necessary, I like the CGI stuff. It shows off just how powerful the enemy is and how powerful Wonder Woman is. That kind of stuff can’t be done without the massive effects.

I’m glad Wonder Woman is doing well. It certainly has me looking forward to Justice League, too.


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