The Flash, Season Finale

This is the first full season of the Flash that I have seen. I might go back and watch the earlier seasons, but it’s not a high priority. And gosh if Barry isn’t the guy that least knows how to utilize his powers ever. And you see why super speed is like the most broken power and why Barry has to fight other speedsters to get a challenge. If Barry just utilized his super speed to the best of his ability, most episodes would be over in ten minutes. Then it’s 50 minutes of having fun and 70’s music!

Anyway, powers aside, I liked this season. It might have gotten repetitive to long time viewers, but not to me, not yet. The thing I don’t like the most is how inconsequential Flashpoint felt. I know it had permanent effects on the world, but it was just such a small part of the season that it was just an excuse to do things. And not even a great excuse since any other excuse could be used to bring out a new bad speedster.

While there are some great moments in the show, I think it’s overall weaker than the other CW superhero shows. The main bad guys, Alchemy and Savitar just disappears for episodes at a time for no real reason. It is good that while Alchemy and Savitar are connected, they each get around half the season to develop.

The other adventures were more fun. Gorillas? Yes. Sharks? Of course. Time travel? Wouldn’t be Flash without it. Multiple dimension Wells? Bring on more. Long, drawn out Savitar stuff? Could use less of it. That’s what happens when the bad guy of the season is just too powerful to fight normally. They don’t do much at all.

Speaking of Wells, I really like HR. His other-dimensional antics never got old to me, and he stayed entertaining all the way through. And I saw enough of the Earth-2 Wells to get a clear difference between the two of them. More Wells next season, please.

Julian is a character I liked. He points out just how bad Barry is at the regular CSI job. I always enjoy a character that is against the main hero while having a good point. And despite being a special guest star for all of the season, he’s still around! What’s going to happen to him next season? He does fill another smart guy role on the show, so maybe he could show off more of that archeological and meta-human knowledge.

Gypsy was a character only in the season a few times, but she was cool. She’s just way to intense most of the time. It would be nice to see her on a time when things aren’t going bad, get a sense of fun Gypsy, otherwise she’s all business.

Spoilers for the final episode.

Killer Frost. What’s her deal? Why would she follow Savitar at all? And why the sudden change of heart? She, I don’t get. There didn’t seem to be any real reason for her to change sides at the end. It’s not like Savitar lied about his goals.


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