Mission Impossible, Rogue Nation

The fifth in the highly successful Mission Impossible film franchise with Tom Cruise. More action, more spying, more awesom stunts. This might be a spoiler-free review. I’ll aim for that and take out anything spoilery later.

Actually, I don’t have much to say on Rogue Nation. Pretty much if you like the previous films, you’ll like this film. This movie is well done with some wow moments. It has all the staples from the previous movies such as a devious villain, a new female that has some connection to the main plot and references to the mask thing.

While the movie is overall fun, I find it tough to say anything that can’t be said about the previous movies. That’s the main reason why this is shorter. This movie is solid, but nothing really new. It’s kind of feeling like a super expensive, 2 hour-ish TV show now.

Don’t get me wrong. The stunts are great in this. You’ve all seen the plane scene from the trailers. Pretty nice. And there’s more, too. And they of course have to use their smarts to help them along the way. This is Mission Impossible, still fun, still possible.

I think the Mission Impossible 3 might be the favorite out of the ones I’ve seen. Which I think I’ve seen every one but the first movie. But this one is pretty great, too. Though I’m not sure how much of Rogue Nation I’ll remember.


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