Riverdale, the once quiet little town. Alright, actually, I’m not sure how large the town is. It does have at least 2 high schools and a bad side of town. I have not read any of the Archie comics before, but I do know about the characters a bit. Archie and his ever triangle with Betty and Veronica. However, this show is not that relationship drama heavy. It’s a murdery mystery!

Riverdale is a more gritty take on the town of Riverdale, and everything kicks off with the death of Jason Blossom, son of one of the town’s most prominent families. As this show is based around a mystery, I’ll probably have a longer spoiler section than regular section. So let’s do this.

To start with, these main characters are all gorgeous. Whoa. Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead and Cheryl are all styling. And the characters they’re playing are only supposed to be fifteen to seventeen-ish. Yet the show wants to show off the bodies of the actors, who are all at least 20 (I think). Beyond their looks, the acting is all really good, too. It just that their mood sometimes shift too fast between scenes, but that’s more on the writing than the actors. Each of the actors can pull off really great emotions, sadness, anger, joy, CoverGirl.

The town has a great look and feel to it. The lighting in the scenes are great. It has an old-feeling kind of glow that really works. I think the town of Riverdale really adds to the story they’re trying to tell, which makes sense as the name of the show is named after the town and not anything else.

I will admit watching the show as it comes out is not a high priority for me, but I did enjoy the craziness that’s happening in Riverdale. It creates a great atmosphere with the characters, even the side characters. There’s the feeling that everyone is hiding something. Except Fred Andrews. Maybe even Fred Andrews. Who knows?

But I do want to continue watching the show. It’s a fun show.

Spoiler section!

So, I will further split up this section into pre mystery reveal and post mystery reveal.

This show is shot in a way that makes it seem everyone is guilty. It’s just the lingering shots on peoples faces watching stuff. And pretty much all of the parents have something to hide, especially the Blossoms and the Coopers. Even Hermione Lodge (Veronica’s mother) isn’t as decent of a person as she first appears. The only really good parent in the show is Fred Andrews (father of Archie). He’s the one that wants what’s best for his kid in a way where they work together.

Though I will say FP Jones (Jughead’s father) really grew on me over the season. I will say that feels like the second-most qualified to be a parent. And that’s saying something since he’s in a gang and is too drunk to hold a steady job. I mean, he’s still probably not, but he feels that way.

The Blossom family is done really well as a sort of power family. They do what they want all while being creepy. Every last one of them. Cheryl, in particular, just swings between being friendly and being one step away from crazy. And the season might push her  too far.

You know what I find sort of hilarious? Jason Blossom, the guy that dies in the first episode and kicks everything off, is in pretty much all of the episodes. He’s not credited as a regular, but he could be. He’s in there all the time. His scenes are short and always sort of creepy. I like how he never says a word. It makes him seem really like a memory.

Josie and the Pussycats are in this show, too. They aren’t too important to the overall plot, but there are some nice scenes with them, or rather, two of them. The pussycat that’s not Valerie has no importance at all other than being a band member. It would be nice if she gets some spotlight in the second season.

Alrighty, time for the post mystery reveal spoilers.

Actually, I’ll only talk about the last scene for a bit. The one that sets up season 2. You can see the season for yourself for the mystery of who killed Jason Blossom.

Fred Andrews was shot! And Jughead thinks it’s not an accident. Now I don’t think Fred Andrews will die because that means Archie will be sent to Chicago to live with his mother. Unless his mother comes back and lives in Riverdale. But who shot him if it wasn’t random?

The two obvious choices are the Lodges, either Hermione or Hiram. The other choice, though less likely, are the South Side Serpents, the gang in town. Fred and the Serpents aren’t exactly enemies, but who knows. Fred might have some stuff going on, too, instead of being the good parent. And the two of them have dealings with each other. The Serpents worked for him before Hermione fired all of them, after all.

Hermione is a candidate because she wants Fred out of their business partnership. Hiram, who has not been in the show yet, is also a possibility. Hiram has just been set up wonderfully. You never see him, but his presence is felt a lot around the Lodge household. And he’s finally coming home for season 2. He’s going to be really interesting to see since he does not like Fred Andrews, and probably won’t like Archie dating his daughter.

My out of left field choice is Archie’s mom. She wants to show Archie how dangerous Riverdale is. This way, she both shows him the danger and makes it difficult for him to stay as he has no one taking care of him there.

Time for more Riverdale, and a recast Reggie, and CoverGirl!


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