Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

They’re back, the Guardians of the Galaxy! This movie is more colorful, more bombastic, and more fun than the first one. It’s also funnier, perhaps too much so. The humor cuts into the serious scenes sometimes, but the movie is still a great space romp within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The main characters are all still great. Gamora is the exasperated one. Drax, having moved on from the pain of his family’s death, is now the big fun one. Rocket is the technical guy and still kind of a jerk. Groot is the cute one. And Peter is their leader that they only listen to when they feel like it.

They also have Mantis, an empath that’s innocent and has some great funny scenes with the rest of the cast. While she doesn’t fight, she’s probably pretty tough. As seen from the trailer scene, a piece of metal only knocks her out. And she has great landing skills. I really like her addition to the movie and want to see how she works moving forwards with the rest of the team.

Each of the guardians has a nice arc over the course of the movie, except maybe Drax. Not to say Drax is unimportant in the film, but he is more about his interaction with other character rather than changing himself. I’ll go more into their individual stuff in the spoiler section.

I enjoyed the main badguy for the film. There are multiple factions once again, and the movie balances them all well. None of them are unimportant. They all get the right amount of screen time and development. I’ll also get into that more later.

The movie still has great old music to go with the scenes. The humor is cranked up from the first film. Sometimes, I think it’s too funny when they should strive for a more serious tone, but I still liked all of the jokes. Baby Groot is adorable. I mean, I want one. I’m like the Collector.

The visuals are great in this film. Like the first shot of Nowhere, there’s a great, fantastical world in this one. It’s gorgeous and kind of off-putting at the same time. Really grand. We get to see more of the Ravagers, too. They are a lot larger than I first thought. But I’m glad to see more of them.

Guadians of the Galaxy 2 is another fun space film. It has no immediate connection with the rest of the MCU, but it works great on its own.

Now for some spoilers.

I liked Gamora and Nebula becoming sort of sisterly again. It should make for an interesting reunion with Thanos later on. And Drax is still a great character. He has no personal plot this time around, but his interactions with Mantis are adorable. And I really like his and Baby Groot’s stuff, too. Still, I think Drax didn’t even fight anyone past the first ten minutes. He spent the rest of the movie being the fun guy. Rocket and Yondu were great. They work really well together.

In fact, Yondu perhaps had the best personal plot out of all the characters and one of the best jokes. Also, Yondu’s arrow is shown to be really overpowered. I mean wow, that arrow scene. They’re pulling off a X-Men Quicksilver scene with that showing how powerful the arrow is.

The Sovereign are the bad guys for the film, and I really like to be annoyed by them. While they act high and might, what I really enjoyed was how they take loss. They behave like people that never lose. Anything goes wrong and out comes a tantrum. It’s really works within the movie and plays with the high and mighty people type.

And finally, Ego, Peter’s father. He’s quite a character that I’ll leave you to discover for yourself. He’s starts of cool and really gets going as the movie progresses.

And go other team!


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