Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow, season one was a bit frustrating, but it had great characters. It did an ensemble cast fantastically well. Season two is better in every way. It stops trying to be so serious and just becomes fun. They still worry about causing aberrations but pretty much accept that its going to happen. I mean, they’re the legends, nothing ever goes perfectly well for them.

The hawks are gone this season, but we get Citizen Steel and Vixen’s grandmother! Also coden named Vixen. As for the bad guys, this time they work well instead of being frustrating. This time, they are believable when the Legends can’t defeat them. Because the villain is a speedster, Eobard Thawne. And he also recruits other people that are important to history so the Legends can’t just go all out trying to stop them.

I think the writers really learned about what worked and what didn’t work. This show just has so much earnest cheese and heart and cheesy heart. The team still bumps heads, but now they mostly completely trust each other. Newcomers Nate (Citizen Steel) and Amaya (Vixen) work really well with the team, too. Nate has a lot of great scenes with Ray and some with the rest of the team. He probably interacts the most with Ray and Amaya.

Amaya provides a different viewpoint in the beginning as she is a professional soldier and the Legends, well, they’re screwups. Over the season, she becomes more friendly and less uptight about everything.

The rest of the team is great and charming as always. At first, I was kind of thought Jax wasn’t interacting enough with the rest of the team, but the later half of the season changed that. Stein has some potentially cool plot moving forwards. Mick is still great, and it was great to see how he is without Snart around. Ray is just charming and fun as always. And Sara is doing really well this season. I like the direction they took her. Rip just rolls with things now. He knows his team and how they do.

This season is much more enjoyable than the first. It just fully embraces the ridiculousness that is the Legends of Tomorrow. I’m not going to include any spoiler thoughts. Just experience it for yourself. I can’t wait for season 3.


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