Sleepy Hollow, Season Finale

I must say, this is my second favorite season of Sleepy Hollow after the first one. This show has gone though some kind of tone shift since starting out. Season 1 was dark, mysterious, monstrous. There was a great sense of dread. It still had fun, though. I mean, headless horseman wielding modern weaponry? Fun. It had a gloomy tone with some dark stuff happening.

Oh there will be spoilers to earlier seasons. I thought the show is fun enough to be worth watching through, especially the first season. Not as much the third one, though.

Season 2 turned it a bit more towards the drama direction. In season 3, they sort of had nowhere to go after finishing up the plot points of the first 2 seasons. Season 3 became formulaic for the most part.

Now season 4. The show got a lot of fresh new faces. After what happened at the end of season 3, they had to. While Abbey Mills is dead, I’m glad the show doesn’t ignore it. Both Crane and Jenny talk about Abbey a lot. And I like how Jenny is now Crane’s most trusted ally.

Season 4 moves the show in a sort of new direction. It kinda feels like a CW show where Crane gets a new team and a workspace to help him face the monster of the week. I know he sort of already had that in the previous seasons, but this season changes up the character interaction, too, making people more glib and fun. I enjoyed it. I know its different from season 1, but I liked the new atmosphere.

And I also liked how much better paced this season is. I think it had to do with less episodes, but each one felt important and characters progress each time. And the horseman are a much bigger part of the season now. Hooray!

It really does feel like a sort of mini-reboot on the show that makes it fresher and more fun. Crane and Jenny are still around. Crane gets a new government agent parter, Diana. He also finds an understaffed paranormal department that’s mainly around due to some old tradition or something. No one takes that deparment seriously except for Crane. And of course he finds the person that will be the next witness.

I liked all the new characters. The two people from the paranormal department have such a CW vibe. They appear to be mainly book worms but they can find the strength to do great things and help out a lot.

Agent Diana worked as Crane’s partner. She holds her own despite being thrown into a new and crazy world. I liked Abbey better as Crane’s partner since the two of them seemed to be equal as they are both witnesses. Still, I have no problem with Diana. She’s tough and will do what needs to be done.

I liked the new bad guy of the season, too, Malcom Dreyfus. He’s human, so his motivations are a lot less nebulous. It makes him more compelling rather than some supernatural force. And he gets a pretty cool story reason for doing what he’s doing.

Yeah, I liked this season a lot. It’s a different show than season 1, but it’s a fun watch.


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