Power Rangers 2017 Film

I was really excited when I heard they were making another Power Rangers film. It actually got me back into watching the show again after a while of not watching it. I was at the age when watching the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers was awesome. Yes, I started watching it from the beginning.

I watched Mighty Morphing, Zeo, Turbo, In Space, Lost Galaxy and whatever I’m missing in between Mighty Morhing and Lost Galaxy. I stopped after that, though, on Lightspeed Rescue. Thanks to the announcement of the movie, I started up again with Dino Charge.

And now I have finally seen the movie. And I felt it was a great Power Rangers film. This is a reboot of the Mighty Morphing series, so it’s about Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Billy, and Trini. And of course Zordon, Alpha-5, and Rita. The new cast is great. The rangers play off each other and are each fun to watch them grow and progress. The feel of the story is more modern and a bit darker, but it still has that Power Rangers goofiness and fun throughout.

I enjoyed how they staggered the introduction of the characters. It gave us more time to get to know them rather than just throwing all 5 rangers at once. You start out getting to know Jason, Kimberly, and Billy. After you got that, then they showed more about Trini and Zack. Everyone gets a good amount to do in the movie. No one really gets left out. Maybe just a bit, but not much.

As a group, the rangers are lot of fun to watch. As individuals, they also work well. Billy really stands out from the group as sort of the heart. But all of them are well-developed and go through a lot of change over the course of the movie. My favorite ranger in the original show was Trini, so I was looking forwards to seeing the Trini in this one. She’s fun to watch, I have to say.

The movies interpretations of Zordon, Alpha-5, and Rita are great, too. Zordon is less supreme good and more of a guy just trying to fight Rita. I like his face sliding across the wall in that intimidating way when speaking to the rangers. And Alpha-5, that robot assistant got awesome.

The new Rita fits in great with the new tone of the movies. She’s serious, threatening, creepy, and still has a great screeching voice. And yet, she’s also funny at times the way people not accustumed to Earth are. It still never brings down her threat level, though.

The music could have been better, though. They use a few hip hop songs and pop songs, but come on, Power Rangers should be all about rock and metal. Have more of that in the movie!

So, this is a Power Rangers film for the modern times. And I really enjoyed it. The film was solid overall, a bit cliche at times, but I was entertained. The big action pieces were great. I feel like they could have had one more fighting scene, but the ranger suits worked well in motion. I wasn’t certain about them when seeing posters, but I liked them fine in the movie. The zords looked awesome, too.

Now on to some spoiler thoughts. Spoilers beyond this point. Ay-yi-yi.

That opening scene. It was so good. It gave more than enough insight into Zordon to show why he was the way he was throughout the film. And I’m glad that even Zordon got some development over the course of the movie instead of just staying as a supreme good guy.

I liked how much the teenagers had to struggle to morph. It really makes the Power Rangers seem like a big deal that they had to work on it to get. And it made the actual morphing scene more powerful. Hoping they’ll morph more easily continuing on, though.

And I really liked the montage scene. It was enough to show the teens budding friendship, especially between Kimberly and Trini. I believed they would hang out later. And I like the scene where they’re fighting over a piece of food. It felt like those old martial arts movies where they train even during meal time.

The zords, man, the action scene with the zords was done so well. I liked seeing each of the invidual zords get to show off before we finally get the mega-zord.

There’s only one thing I wanted from this film, and that was more Morphing Time. I want a sequel so much, so green, super green. Now that the team can morph, I’m hoping that there’s much more ranger action.

Krispy Kreme.


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