Oh, um, hey there. for those that watched the show, the season of Timeless finished a while ago. I did watch it as it happened, not after the fact, but it sort of just slipped my mind to make a review about it. I suppose that reveals how excited I am about the show. Conceptually, it’s fun. The characters are alright. Each of the main characters has their own story over the course of the season. The side characters have a lot going on, too, even if they aren’t in most of the episode. And they do a lot of time travel jokes.

So what is Timeless? A man named Flynn steals a time machine and starts causing trouble in history. There is an older time machine left behind, though it only seats three. Our main characters must chase Flynn through history stopping whatever he has planned. The three people that go are Lucy, a historian; Wyatt, the soldier and fighter; and Rufus, the guy that knows how to pilot the thing.

They don’t fully save history every time, only make it as approximate as they can. And they have some usual dilemmas such as should they change things to make the world better, especially in their personal lives.

And as with most time travel shows, they have strange logic (such as being aware that Flynn has gone back in time yet still have enough time to go back themselves instead of whatever changes just instantly happening) and for some reason have to rush things. It’s like time travel makes standard dramatic tools difficult to use.

Anyway, the show is alright. There’s a lot of historical jokes and I did find it rather interesting. It’s just not a high priority for me. I don’t have much more to say than that without going into spoiler stuff.

Oh, the side characters have low screentime because they can’t fit in the time machine. That means they’re only supporting the main characters in the beginning and then at the end of each episode. As the season went on, they did get more to do, though, which is good.


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