Wow, where do I begin with Legion. This show is so entertaining in its unique way. The style of the show is really far out there. Yet it’s not ever confusing or tough to understand. There are parts that are under-developed, but it’s really entertaining and different. I mean, there are several scenes in the show that are intense and awesome, at least one per episode, even.

I think one thing the show could do better was set up the terms mutants more. As is, they really expect you to just know it from the X-men. They use the term without really explaining and don’t give much backstory to what’s going on in the world.

The show follows David, played by Dan Stevens. David is a powerful mutant that must learn to control his powers, otherwise he will continue to wreck everything in his life. To do that, a group of mutants take him to their facility. Then things get wild as the group delves more and more into David’s past and mind.

And I want to say that Dan Stevens has a great evil smile.

Other people at the facility¬†include Ptonomy, the guy that reads memories. Syd, David’s girlfriend and body swapper. Carey, the guy that runs the machines Melanie, the leader of the facility, and a few others. They all do a great job, Carey especially.

There were several times over the season that I got chills. The way Legion is shot is just so impactful. It goes with great visuals, camerawork and even sound. The music in Legion is something that I think about, and that usually doesn’t happen for me on TV shows. The show really knows how to set up mood and atmosphere and it does it all through the season.

There’s just a lot to the season that I don’t want to spoil. It’s a great show that’s not traditonally comic-booky, even if it is based on a comic book. It’s much more than that.

I will have some spoiler thoughts here, though, mostly on characters. But I highly recommend this show.

Ptonomy, the memory reader mutant, he starts out important, but he gets less so over the course of the season. I was a bit surprised how much he only seems to be there at the end and how he didn’t really have any plot lines to himself. He’s used for plot, and that’s about it. I hope he’ll have more on season 2, since he does have a bit of a different viewpoint than the other characters.

Carey, on the other hand, started out the season as just a weird guy. And Kerry was barely in the first few episodes. Yet both of them grew to be among my top characters at the end of the season. They just work so well together but don’t fall into the trap of having them only interact with each other. Both Carey and Kerry get a lot of scenes with other people, which helps flesh both of them out more.

And Aubrey Plaza played a really great role. Apparently, it was written for a middle-aged man, and she talks like it. But it also works. She just has the look down.


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