Star Wars Rebels, Season Finale

Star Wars Rebels gets more and more fun by the season. And they get grander, too. This season has Admiral Thrawn as the main obstacle. It’s not an inquisitor any more! Admiral Thrawn is a tactician, and quite a devious one. There are a lot of other things happening, too. Rebels now really feels connected to the rest of the Star Wars universe.

And I think that’s why it’s so much more enjoyable now. In season one, Rebels was mostly self contained. It also had a bit of when is his happening within the Star Wars timeline? Are they the first rebels and such. All that slowly got answered, and the Ghost got drawn into a much larger plan.

Now we have a lot more answers on when this takes place and a lot more interaction with both Star Wars movie characters and Clone War characters. Yep, it draws from the entire current Star Wars canon. I think season one was sort of them just testing it out. Once the show became popular, the writers got a lot more leeway to involve the Ghost in real Star Wars stuff. Now I think it’s a fantastic addition to the universe.

Individual episodes has its ups and downs, but rebels always pulls off great, breath-taking episodes. They show a wonderful universe out there full of mystery and intrigue. Some of it is related to the Jedi, others are not.

This season is also darker and more violent. They no longer imply people are dying. They just offscreen it a bit. Everyone is more mature now and the stakes are higher. The Rebellion is really kicking into things now, but so is the Empire. Seeing the two sides fight against each over a long period really gives a better sense of tactics and resources each side has.

And seeing the struggles that the rebels have to do just to get to the point where they could fight the Death Star in episode 4 made me appreciate episode 4 that much more. In the movie, everything was sort of already set up for Luke. But Rebels pulls back a bit and shows just how much work it really took. Like Clone Wars enhancing the prequel trilogy, Rebels enhances the original trilogy.

Can’t wait for the next season.


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