Thinking About Sequels

This is just me rambling on, thinking about sequels and other stuff. It’s not going to be too long. This will just be some thoughts on stuff. I mean, yeah, most of my stuff is sort of just what I think as it comes, but I sometimes go back and edit them. I’ll probably edit this a bit, too. So really. There’s not a huge difference other than that this isn’t going to be about one movie or tv show in particular.

There will be nothing insightful here, I’ll tell you that right now. I don’t really know anything about how the industry works.

My first thoughts are on sequels. They always seem more bombastic than the original, and sometimes, it feels worse. I think part of the problem is that a the main character already got a healthy dose of development in the first film, so they skip past that kind of thing in the second film. And to replace it? More action!

Another issue might be because people really like one part of the film. And yeah, it’s pretty good. The movie writers hear about it and decide to make it a larger part of the second film. Now, this might cause a problem because the original elemnt only works really well once or in small amounts. Once it takes over a larger part of the movie, it just becomes obnoxious.

These might be a cause as to why sequel movies feel busier, less cohesive, and less interesting overall. The best sequels do something new, instead and remembers to keep the right balance that made the first installment work so well.

As for the second topic of this post, I’ll mention real quick why I always point out if I saw any adaptations of movies or TV shows before. The reason is because knowing the original work can color my opinion of the adaptation. I might be more interested in pointing out why the adaptation pales or works compared to the original. If I haven’t seen the original, I would just be looking at the adaptation by itself.

It’s important to know what both people that know and don’t know the original say. Then, you can get an idea of how close the adaptation is and also how a completely new set of eyes feel about the work.

Ok. That’s all for my rambling today.


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