Beauty and the Beast (Live Action)

A tale as old as time, eh? The beauty and the beast. Random note, why are the actors in this film mostly British? Where are the French actors? Um, but don’t ask me who since I don’t know that many.

Anyway, this is a live action remake of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Out of all of the ones made so far, I think this is the most accurate to the animated version out of what they’ve done so far. The film does add some things, which I’ll talk about in the spoiler section, but it doesn’t really change anything. So if you want some Beauty and the Beast goodness in live action, this will do it.

The visuals of this film really work well. The castle has a foreboding, decayed look. The servants look great. I was unsure when I first saw images of Lumiere and Cogsworth, but in action, they look both great and adorable. You know, I did not recognize any of the actors as playing the servants despite knowing most of them. Haha, I enjoyed the servants, though.

Emma Watson does a fine Belle, and Dan Stevens is fine as the Beast. I don’t have too much to say. They hit the right marks and notes. I think we do need more of the Beast being beastly, though, like more claw destruction. I mean, I know the Beast doesn’t actually have any training doing any of that stuff, but it would still make for some impactful scenes. I think his less monstrous look is fine.

Gaston, here played by Luke Evans, could be stronger. Other than that, he’s fine. Now Lefou, he became a character I enjoyed. There’s just more to him now than being the silly sidekick. And I think Josh Gad does a wonderful job portraying the subtle emotions of Lefou.

The songs in this movie are great. So are the visuals. Be Our Guest and the ball are both wonderful. Visually, this movie is fantasy Disney all the way. So if you want some Beauty and the Beast, but now in live action, this movie will give you almost exactly that.

Now on to some spoiler thoughts.

The film does add some things to make the run time longer. Why? I’m not certain. Nothing really changes in the story because of the new information. The characters do get fleshed out more, but they weren’t particularly simple in the original movie.

About my Lefou comments, I just liked how he slowly realizes Gaston is a jerk and how he decides to defect. Lefou is great here just starting out as Gaston’s hype man and moving away from that over the course of the movie. And it’s mostly subtle shots, but you know it’s there and coming.

The one new addition that puzzles me is having the Enchantress stay a relevant character. She doesn’t really change the story, and no one ever finds out she’s the one that caused all of it. So it’s a bit of why are you here? I mean, she does seem a bit more sympathetic now since she didn’t just curse and run. She’s trying to help the Beast out. She still cursed an entire castle, though.

I think we should have gotten more enchantress and less added scenes with the other characters.

Now go be a guest of some place playing the film.


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