Astroboy, 2009 Film

Astro Boy, 2009 film! Why, yes, that is also the title of this post. Just reiterating. I have not seen any of the original Astro Boy stuff, so I won’t be comparing the movie to anything else. That’s also why I didn’t see the movie when it first came out. I just didn’t know it. But it’s on TV, so I decided to give it a watch.

Astroy Boy is a CGI film about a young robot boy trying to find his place in the world. He’s also the most awesome robot around, being super powerful, can fly really fast, and is also kitted out with weapons. I don’t know why he has weapons when the doctor that built him made Astro Boy to be a replacement for his son.

The film is colorful and whimsical. It doesn’t have a lot of bite or twist to it, though. For younger viewers, it’s pretty fun. There is a scene that is disturbing, though. I mean, whoa. Older viewers will most likely know everything that’s going to happen, since nothing surprising happens.

It’s a simple and fun movie about a robot boy. He meets up with quirky characters, mean characters, but mostly quirky. The visuals are pretty amazing. No performance really stands out, but I think that’s due to the movie not really needing any amazing performances. Doctor Tenma, perhaps, gets some of the most serious scenes, and he does them well.

The movie is fun, but nothing really special. The setting isn’t fully explored. There are hints of it around, but they fall by the wayside as some background information or funny moments. The final conflict can be seen coming from a long time away, and it just doesn’t feel as interesting as some of the stuff that happens in the middle.

Overall, it’s an alright, movie. If you want to waste an afternoon or evening on a children’s film, you could find weirder. And, hey, it’s sci-fi, which is always great for me.


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