Milly, Creatures

This post will be about the creatures of Murt. Hmm, the ones I did name I tried to have a bit of an Asian tone to them.

Nozhu’s are pig-like creatures. It’s been a while since I wrote the story, so I’m not sure what they did. I guess they weren’t too important to the story.

Shadow Stalkers are fast things that move in a whip-like fashion. I also don’t remember much about them.

Rock creatures. These I do remember. For having a more active role in the story, I should have named them. But they aren’t really made of rocks. The rocks are more like a home for them. They’re friendly things, the clingy kind. They’ll pretend to be landmarks and confuse travelers to make them stay longer. They aren’t dangerous, but they do look kind of creepy.

Denti. I made these to sort of mimic that scene from James Cameron’s Avatar where Jake Sully gets covered with glowing things. These insects glow and they like to eat the dust from momoth wings. In a way, they naturally clean up all the dust that fall everywhere. They also looking magical and cool when swirling around.

Xiao moia. I don’t remember them much, but I think I made them dangerous. I mean, they have a large mouth full of sharp teeth. The xiao stands for small. So you don’t want to meet the regular moias.

Leirei, they look like manta rays that fly, pretty much. And with light coming from their stomachs, they also look a bit like UFOs. They like stormy weather. I made them to look great at night, to have a strange outlined shape just gliding gently through the sky.

The mother of all leireis is an ancient spirit. I don’t know if I literally meant the mother of all leireis with the name, but I probably do. She is the big wow creature of Murt that I showed. She has the ability to cause a constant storm just by her presence. I really wanted to do a chapter with her just for the beauty and because I like the rain.

That’s all for the creatures of Murt! Next week, they might be more Milly, Book 3. I’ll think on it.


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