Lego Batman

All of this non-Lego Lego stuff is really great. I started with Lego Star Wars, moved on to other Lego stuff. There’s even a movie dedicated to Legos, which was awesome. And now, they have Lego Batman, based off the egotistical Batman from The Lego Movie. He is all sorts of wacky fun.

Lego Batman is a lot more action packed and denser in the jokes than The Lego Movie. It might even be too much at times. For most of the movie, there entire screens worth of jokes and information happening. And there is a lot of Bat action going on.

There’s probably a bit too much going on in the film, actually. It could stand to lose one big action scene, maybe.

The movie still has a wonderfully whimsical Lego style. Batman is even more awesome than his other incarnations. And his Batcave is grand.

I’m pretty glad the movie includes other people besides Batman and Alfred. It’s been too long since we’ve had a Robin and a Batgirl on screen. And I’m not counting the Robin from the Dark Knight since he never officially became Robin. Having Batman interact with other characters in a friendly manner is great.

Robin is just rerally fun in this film. He’s so exuberant about trying to help Batman and has a bright, childish outlook on everything. Barbara is great, too. She’s older in this version, I think. At least a bit close to Batman’s age. Both characters contrast with Batman in different ways.

The main antagonist is once again the Joker, but Lego Batman does its own great spin on it. Batman and Joker act just like a fighting couple, and I was rooting for Joker to succeed much of the time. He is the most adorable incarnation of a crazy clown yet.

The film has a lot of other surprise character appearances, too. I’m not going to list all of them. It’s part of the fun seeing for yourself, and there are quite a lot of characters. Still, it does get to be too much. This movie is jam-packed. I mean, The Lego Movie was pretty filled, but nothing like Lego Batman.

If they toned it down just a bit, I think the balance of the film would be much better. Still, Lego Batman is full of humor, sometimes aimed at younger viewers, and it has a lot of spectacle. A fun Batman film all around.


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