Milly, The Night Province of Murt

Murt is located in the southwest part of the floating island. While I call it the Night Province, it’s not usually always covered in darkness. It has a day and night cycle just like everywhere else. It would be kind of tough to do a world of only night when Murt is just a small part of one place. Murt is called the Night Province because it’s more active at night than it is during the day. Most things there are nocturnal.

I gave an asian feel to the province of Murt. It wasn’t too heavy, but some of the architecture are Pagoda-like. And because the people are moths, I wanted to have their village built around lights. The villages are all built around giant lampposts basically.

Just because the province prefers to be active at night doesn’t mean it’s going to be dark and hard to see. While the people of Murt can see in the dark, I wanted a fantastical glowing sort of feel. There are a lot of glowing plants and bioluminescense. Alright, I probably spelled that wrong. Imagine James Cameron’s Avatar for that kind of light (if you’ve seen the movie).

The Momoths are a race of, well, large moths, really. I had their wings constantly give off colorful powder for a more mystical effect. They prefer to fly, even if just traveling along the ground, but they can move normally too. I think I might be changing design heres, but buildings meant only for momoths have large open spaces in the middle with everything on shelves along the walls.

Murt is a more serene place, as long as you stick to the towns and villages. The momoths like music and meditating. Other than the wizards, the momoths are the ones that most research magic.

I made the landscape of Murt more alien just to differentiate it from the Forest Province, Lillilin. I made the trees more like clusters of tendrils. There is a large ravine with numerous waterfalls flowing through them. Basically, it’s more of a mishmash of things I think would look good at night.

I wanted there to be some intrigue, too, by having there be giant, ancient spirits roaming around. The ancient spirits don’t directly try to influence things, but they do like gifts. I wanted to keep them mysterious and not a huge focus, though I guess I couldn’t resist for one part.

Next time, I’ll talk about some of the characters in this book!


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