The Librarians, Season 3

This will be a shorter review. Mostly because my opinion on the show hasn’t changed much from the previous seasons. See their reviews here and here . The show is still going along at its pleasing pace. Each character gets their chance to shine and the case each week is fun. It’s not a serious show but it does do serious moments well.

This season, there is a lot more Flynn. It works well in season 3 now that the newer librarians are more established. Flynn can no longer single-handedly save the day through experience alone, though he still is the most experienced out of the three.

I really liked the episode dedicated to each of the three librarians. They show off the characters well. I also really enjoyed the episode where Stone and Cassandra are in a lodge, but the lodge happens to be an evil reunion. Not really a spoiler since they find that out really fast. But it was fun seeing them trapped and figuring out how to get out.

This season is fun, similar to the previous two. It’s not aiming to do too much. It’s a magical adventure by three smart people, their guardian, and their cranky helper.


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