Milly, Book 3 Thoughts

After far too long, it’s time for my thoughts and notes on book 3 in my Milly Series. You can read it in the works page, along with the rest of the series. This time, I decided to have a new point of view character. I sort of planned this ever since the second book, which was why I introduced the character of Cornwilla in the first place.

As for why? I think it’s fun to change things up now and again. And I wanted to try and see if I could make two distinctive people’s first person experience different. I don’t know how well I succeeded. And since Book 4 is already up, you’ll known that Milly is the point of view character again for book 4.

I’ll start off with how I came up with the character of Cornwilla. The name? I wanted something strange and kiddy-ish. I didn’t even consider that Willa was a real name before it. As for her general personality, I based it on a character in a video game, Rufus. Rufus is from the game Deponia. He’s an all-around narcissistic jerk that has some redeeming qualities. But overall, he does what he wants and does not care about the consequences. And he also makes all sorts of crazy stuff to solve his problems.

I made Cornwilla a less abrasive version of that, but I did want to showcase her inventive skills and lack for foresight. She always makes things without fully considering things through. If she did things such as prototype and test, most of her inventions might be pretty useful, but she has no patience for that.

I wanted a louder character, one that will do what she wants. I think that came through a lot over the course of the book. I did want to show her growing and changing to a more thoughtful person. Though she’s still young, so there’s a long way to go.

For the plot of the book, since it was focused on Cornwilla, I wanted Milly to be in it less, yet Milly is still the main character of the overall story. I thought it was fun to have a sort of one-sided rivalry on Cornwilla’s side. Milly was off doing actual important work. Cornwilla was just following along to be a nuisance.

Next time, I’ll do more into the Night Province, Murt and the race of people that live there, the Momoths.


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