A Series of Unfortunate Events, Review

Don’t look away, don’t look away. Always hit play, don’t look away. This show just made my evening, my dusk, dawn and my day. Don’t look away.

Ahem. Yes, I enjoyed this a lot. I have not read the books, a real shame I know. I did totally plan to after seeing the movie of the series, but then I didn’t. It still seems like a worthy read, but I’m going into this series like someone that only knows the basics of what it’s about. That’s because I forgot most of the movie, too.

The series is about three recent orphans, the Boudelaires, who are forced to go live with a series of relatives as the wicked Count Olaf tries to steal their family fortune. Each time, they have to run away since Count Olaf destroys their current home.

I do think that the Netflix series has a lot more style and quirkiness. At least I don’t remember the movie having that much meta jokes and narration jokes. The series does. The author of the events, Lemony Snicket, is constantly standing there explaining things or making comments on what’s happening. It totally works and adds to the strange charm of the series.

The visuals are great. It has a sort of surreal quality to everything. The architecture all seems plausible, but fantastical. The same goes with most of the characters, too. They’re all normal, yet fantastical. It’s a great blend that makes the world timeless. It’s also timeless because they drop specific lines about all sorts of stuff from different periods.

The main characters are all fun to watch. Count Olaf is great. Perhaps due to the longer nature of the series, he seems even more diabolical than compared to the movie, and it really shows off his profession as an actor while not losing any of his ego. Lemony Snicket has a great deadpan while talking about how everything is depressing. Mr. Poe, I did not remember him coughing all the time. He’s somehow still endearing despite being less than competent.

The three main characters, they get better as the season goes on. Though I also think their stilted performance was a bit intentional earlier on. After the kids realize they need to rely on themselves more, they get much more expressive and engaged with everything.

They really made Sunny (the youngest of the Boudelair siblings) a fun character despite just being a baby. There are a lot of compositing and computer stuff going on, but it does give nice personality and something to do besides just being held by one of her older siblings all the time.

The first season was great. They did one thing special for the season finale, but other than that, it feels like a normal episode. And that’s good. Once further seasons come out, you can roll right along and not miss a thing. I can’t wait for more!


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