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Huh, okay. I found this old post about my Nanowrimo series, Milly, that was saved as a draft. It’s a shorter post about the various Rock Giants that Milly meets during the second book. I have no idea if I posted something like it or not, but I’ll post it now. It will be the second half of the post since this part is an announcement!

After too long, I have finally put up books 3 and 4 to my Milly series! For those that don’t know, it’s a childrens book I’ve been writing, one a year, during Nanowrimo. That means there are still a lot of writing mistakes in there that I have yet to correct. The style is meant sort of to be like the Wizard of Oz. A girl gets taken to a magical land where she has wonderous adventures!

All four books are available to read for free on my Google docs. Find the links here.

I’ll start putting up my thought process on the characters and plots starting next week. So, hope you’ll stay around for that!

And below is the post I had on draft.

In keeping with my approach of not having anyone be outright villainous, not even villains with good reasons, I made all of the sessa reasonable even though they were the main antagonists of the book.

Oh, here are the list of Rock Giants that I named. I gave the first few some more well-known names and hopefully it would be obvious of the naming scheme Milly was using. Now I guess the question is how does Milly know about all the mountains? Perhaps she planned out going there?

The named giants are Rocky, the first one Milly met. Everest is the largest one she’s met. Arapile is the newborn rock giant. And Cooroora is the one waiting in the lava field. Whatever I set up with Cooroora, I hope I remember in the future books because it will happen!


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