Trollhunters, a great animated show from Netflix. The story centers around Jim Lake Jr. who becomes the eponymous Trollhunter. Though the trollhunter protects trolls and hunts the bad trolls. Oh, there’s also an entire secret society of trolls living underneath our normal world.

The show is full of action, magic, fun characters, with bits of comedy. The show is also not afraid to dive into more serious stuff. It might be kiddy most of the time, but then the bad guys will just try to kill a main character. They even say they’re going to kill the heroes. Not, ‘destroy,’ or ‘remove,’ but they say, ‘kill.’ Right in the first episode, the show opens with the old troll hunter dying. The kids also curse occasionally, and Rule 3 of troll hunting is liberally applied.

The show is a lot of fun. It builds ideas and concepts at a good pace. I had enough time to get to know the trolls and the world before they introduced something new. Jim, being the new troll hunter, must try to prevent the rise of the king of the evil trolls. Fortunately, the king was sealed away a long time ago. Unfortunately, the king’s son is still in the regular world and he’s upset.

Jim must train to be a troll hunter while also balancing his regular life. It’s actually done pretty well. I think the regular stuff adds to Jim’s struggles in a meaningful way rather than just be annoying, most of the time. There are sometimes when it seems like Jim should just ignore what’s going on in his regular life since there are more serious things happening.

The supporting characters are great. Blinky is Jim’s teacher, and I really enjoy him. If a character speaks with a charming polite manner, I’ll like them. ARRRRGH (the character’s name) is a big and soft-spoken troll that prefers not to fight. And he’s adorable. There’s Toby, Jim’s best friend. While not too useful in fighting trolls, he’s just useful enough. And he’s always supportive. Then there’s Claire. For most of the first half of the season, she’s sort of just there to cause heartaches for Jim.

The second half, though, oh man. Everything gets kicked up in the second half. I would really consider Netflix as putting out two seasons at once since the first half completes a story and the second half starts a new one. Or it’s like two arcs per season.

But in the second half, they introduce more of the troll world and make both Claire and Toby more helpful to the troll hunting.

Even the antagonists get a lot of good developing moments while still keeping them scary.

The show is fun and well-written. Its for a bit older kids, but even older people can watch it. It’s fine to enjoy CGI cartoons. Regular cartoons. Kids shows. It’s fine. I really enjoyed the show and can’t wait for the second season.


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