Sherlock, Season 4

Is it season 4 or series 4? Either way, it’s the fourth new set of Sherlock Episodes. Hmm. The tone of the show feels off now. It’s kind arrogant about how clever its trying to be. I think that’s a large problem with the season and the previous season. The show still has great actors that really sell all of the moments from annoyance to anger to sadness. Notice how I left out any positive emotions. Despite the show having jokes and fun moments, the characters are rarely ever happy in it.

The show is still shot wonderfully. It has some of the most imaginative and creative scenes I’ve seen on recent television. There are a lot of great moments in the show, but each episode prefers to move on at a manic pace instead of letting me appreciate it more.

So, the main two problems I have with Sherlock right now is that the pacing is too fast, and it’s trying to be too clever. The show does feel like it suffers from sequelitis, the need to make each season top the last. It didn’t happen to with Magnussen last season, but it did happen to Mary by making her a former super agent. In season 4, the main antagonist goes up even more in order to challenge Sherlock.

I will say that I was entertained. I really enjoyed the bonding between Sherlock and the main antagonist, but it does start going into ridiculous levels. I’ll have more on that in my individual episode thoughts. Those will have spoilers, so just know that Sherlock is proceeding on trying to be ever-grander and more obnoxiously clever. The cases all mostly around Sherlock rather than him going out to find them.

Episode 1

This is mostly a Mary Episode with bouts of Sherlock showing off. It really does feel just like showing off at this point. It didn’t really play to Sherlock’s strength as a detective that much. The case was more straightforward and not that interesting to me.

Episode 2

This was a fun and great episode. The main bad guy of this one, Culverton Smith, is memorably and really creepy. It has a lot of great moments where you’re not supposed to be certain if Sherlock is all there or not. The moment does get spoiled in the middle of the episode when we see that Sherlock really did get a visitor, though. I think that should have been left only as an end reveal.

This has an interesting mystery going through most of the episode, which was great.

Episode 3

I enjoyed this episode as ridiculous as it was. This one really felt like the writers had some fun ideas they wanted to include, but no realistic way to get it into the world of Sherlock. They said, “Let’s do it anyway!” which led to a ridiculous setup.

Still, it was different, and I liked seeing Sherlock and his closest friends in that situation. And I did like Sherlock’s moments with the main antagonist. It’s just a tough sell to buy into the entire premise.

And I will nitpick about one thing. The moment the main antagonist decides to kill all the targets even after Sherlock correctly won the game should be when they changed their strategy. The rules are no longer applying.


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