Fuller House, Season 2

Fuller House is back! And much sooner than I had anticipated. I subscribed to Netflix for the first season of Fuller House. And stopped subscribing while waiting for new shows to watch. Now that Fuller House Season 2 is up, I’m back! Judge me all you want. I never claimed to like serious, thought-provoking stuff.

I like Fuller House Season 2 better than season 1. Season 1 felt like a celebratory season. It was a “Hey look, we’re back!” kind of thing where they had a huge event or party every other episode. Now we’re heading back. And while Season 2 has a lot of holiday stuff, it’s mostly about the Tanner (and extended) family.

There are still fun guests aplenty, including a few people from the original show. This time, all of that doesn’t get in the way of the family dynamics as much. This season has a lot more of those at home episodes that I enjoy.

There’s still a DJ, Matt and Steve thing going on, but I enjoy how friendly it is overall. And I like Steve’s new girlfriend, CJ. (Hey, he has a type). Stephanie gets a new boyfriend, a more permanent one from how things are shaping up. They’re pretty cute together, and I enjoy seeing them. You know, everyone is getting romantic partners. Jackson and Lola are getting together. Max even gets a friend. Ramona and Popko has a frienemy sort of thing happening.

I liked the appearances by Danny, Jesse, Joey and Becky more this time around. Instead of just randomly showing up, it makes a lot more sense that they would drop by for the holiday parties. I think strange, though understandable, that we don’t get to see Danny’s wife more. Maybe if his wife had been Vicky, she would appear more.

And we do catch more glimpses into the older generations lives without making it seem like they’re taking over the show. It’s fun to catch up with them and still have it mainly be about DJ, Steph and Kimmy.

Also, it was nice to see some of the old minor characters again. I didn’t recognize Gia immediately, but I could tell it was her. I had no idea what Kathy Santoni looked like since she didn’t appear that much in the original show, but its the same actress! Awesome. Nelson is back, though he’s a different actor. Viper’s back, too! I think he’s the same.

Strangely, out of all the old minor characters that came back, I recognized Duane immediately. And it’s not because he’s the voice of Robin in Teen Titans, but he still looked a bit like Duane. More than the other returning characters looked like their yougner selves.

Fuller House season 2 has more of the heart and warmth of the original Full House. I think that they don’t need to do the larger events anymore, and it gives more time for the characters to have fun and play off each other, and they do. Fernando is still great, and has been upgraded to a main character. That gives him more subtle moments of him interacting with the rest of the family.

One thing I do want to see is more on Tommy Fuller’s (Jackson, Max and Tommy’s father) side of the family. In the original Full House, Jesse was a constant reminder of the mother’s side of the family, yet we have nothing on the father’s side so far.

I hear they have a season 3. Oh yeah! And that quiet she-wolf howl, so adorable.


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