Emerald City, Premiere

A world premiere event, apparently. Emerald City is a more serious and dark retelling of The Wizard of Oz. Alright, I can dig it. I’m always up for more fantasy shows, and this show is that. Dorothy gets sucked into a magical land by a tornado. Only this time, everything is dark and horrible.

Hmm. There will be spoilers for the premiere here. But hey, it’s only the first 2 episodes out of however many in the season, so it’s not too bad.

I think the show is its own thing enough that you don’t have to know the original story (even though most everyone does). The two hour premiere gives enough on the world of Oz that it stands on its own. Witchcraftery has been outlawed. The most powerful witches are the cardinal witches. Lots of other jerks around, too.

I’m hoping the pace of the show isn’t too slow and that it’s just the need to set up the world a bit. Or maybe I just think it’s slow because I don’t know what happened in the “first episode” and what happened in the “second episode”. Still, I sort of hope each episode has a definite point rather than just one long story broken up because it has to be.

I liked most of the performances. The Witches had some great scenes, especially opposite the Wizard. Vincent D’Onofrio does great as the wizard. And he just has that sort of powerful, yet soft, voice. Dorothy and Lucas (who’s like the scarecrow) are pretty good so far. They introduced the plight of both characters well, and gave some possible mysterious history to Lucas. Dorothy is also possibly the daughter of a witch. Over the course of the series, it’ll be interesting to see if she develops more of an interest in Oz or a screw everything Oz just to get home kind of way. I mean, the people of Oz have been pretty bad.

So, yeah, being a fantasy series, I’m interested. There’s going to be magic aplenty from what little scenes they showed of future episodes.

You know, if later seasons happen, they could do the other books beyond the first book. That’d be great. Really. Get some Ozma up in there.


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