Rogue One, More Thoughts

Alright, I saw Rogue One and already put up my thoughts on the film. You can read them here. I did like the movie.

In this post, I just want to get into it a bit more about the characters. I have been thinking about it more, and I realized I used the wrong words referring to a lack of character development. The characters had a lack of screentime. There were just too many of them. And while ensemble casts can be done, it could have been done better in here.

I will say that I do like most of the Rogue One team. Unfortunately, I think there were 2 too many main characters for the film. It’s Chirrut and his companion.

I’ll go more into my thoughts about individual members of the Rogue One team. There will be spoilers here, so go watch the film if you haven’t.

Jyn Erso. My only real problem was just how gung-ho she became in joining the rebellion after the midway point. I know she was against the Empire before, but it didn’t seem like it was to the point of making grand speeches and leading the team. It just felt like a large shift. But overall, I liked her as a main character. She’s what a normal person would have to do to succeed.

Saw Gerrara. I liked him for the short amount of screentime he got. I know he was in Clone Wars, but I didn’t see the show. Still meaning to sometime. Anyway, I liked him showing a darker side to the rebellion. And I like his way of talking.

Cassian. I do not have a huge opinion on him one way or another. I figured he wasn’t going to kill Jyn’s father, and he didn’t. He was important to the team, though, so he has that going for him. He should have had more conflict with the others as he seems to be the guy told to do the hard choice missions.

The robot. I forgot his number, I’m sorry. K-2SO, looked it up. I liked him. And out of all the main characters, I had the least problems with him. It’s likely because he’s a droid, I just easily accept him showing up and being badass with no questions asked.

Bodhi. The pilot. He’s probably my favorite member of the team, actuall. He’s even more normal than Jyn, and he was pretty abused early on in the movie. It’s great to see him move past that. Rather than just running from the Empire, he ran back to fight the empire, all while not being good at fighting.

Chirrut. He’s one of the characters I felt didn’t need to be in the film. What did his belief in the force really bring to the team? He was just sort of there. While he is a cool character, having a smaller team means more for the other characters rather than spreading the scenes out too thin. He seems to be in the movie solely to be cool.

Baze, that’s the name of Chirrut’s companion. He has even less meaningful interaction with the team. He’s in the movie to get some cool actions shots of the heavy-weapons guy and to talk with Chirrut.

I think both of those characters would have benefited from being split up, so they have to talk more with others. Unfortunately, I think they only bring the muscle to the team but not much in the way of making the movie more dynamic.

Since I’m here, might as well talk about Krennic, the bad guy of the film. I kind of feel for him. He’s ambitious but has no real authority so he gets his Death Star taken away. Though of course he’s still a jerk. I think he was a fun to watch villain despite not being the most powerful or highest-ranking member of the Empire in the movie.

Galen Erso, Jyn’s father. Eh, I liked him. Not much more to say about that.

That’s a deeper, and I say deeper in a shallow way, look into my thoughts on the characters.


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