Scream Queens, Season 2

Oh yeah, another season of my favorite ladies on television. I’m talking about the Chanels, of course. They’re back and still bringing it. Also back for the second season is Doctor Dean Munsch, Zayday Williams, Denise Hemphill and Chad Radwell. Grace is no longer around. This time, they’re working at a hospital, so they’re joined by new cast members of hospital staff.

The Chanels still totally make the show for me. In fact, most of their strangeness is toned up. Number 5 is still my favorite, though now she’s the straight up butt-monkey of the Chanels. No one likes her or respects her despite her usually having the most reasonable ideas.

Chanel Oberlin is still great at being bad and refusing to get better. Even when life gets her down, she still finds ways to remain mean. And Chanel Number 3 still has awesome earmuffs and some hilarious interactions with the other characters.

And Number 6 is back! I’m talking about Neckbrace Hester Ulrich, of course. Spoilers for Season 1. But Hester is so good at being crazy. And only in this show can she be so unhelpful yet still be allowed to remain free.

Newcomers Cassidy Cascade and Brock Hought are both fun. Cassidy was a bit low-key in earlier episodes, but his character got more fun later in the season. Brock Hought stays pretty interesting throughout. And they both have the same flare of solving curing patients in the hilarious, apathetic style of Scream Queesn. I think both of them were fine additions.

Other new staff include the Chamberlain, a fun-loving guy and generally a good addition to a show full of narcissists. The other one is the head nurse, Nurse Hoffel. It takes a while before her character ramps up to just being in the background.

The show is still inconsistent on a few things, namely keeping its ideas straight. If you think a bit on how events are actually supposed to happen, they just won’t add up. This is not a serious show, and things like consistency sometimes takes a back seat to just trying to be funny or out there. I don’t think too hard about the show, so it’s fine for me. And I like the overall style.

The feeling of Season 2 is a bit different from Season 1 due to being in an entirely new setting. But as long as the Chanels still act like the Queen Bees despite being absolutely inept, it’ll be a fun show. I really could go for a third round of Chanel, Number 3, and Number 5. They are still among my favorite things to watch on TV.

A some spoiler thoughts. Not much. Not revealing who the killer is or anything.

The new Chanels were great. Yeah, they didn’t stick around long, but they’re still fun. And somehow, they already rank higher than Number 5. And a big hooray for Chanel Number 8 for not being dead!


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