Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow Winter Finale

One week after the Heroes V Aliens event, it’s time for the winter finale of Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. Supergirl had hers the same week as Heroes V Aliens.

I’ll go through my thoughts on the season so far for each show separately. I will say I’m glad that the Heroes V Aliens event is still being referenced. It helps make a cohesive universe instead of making the crossover just feel like a lonely event.

Supergirl, pretty fun season so far. Some of the enemies are still defeated too easily, but I put that down to not having the budget for big, superpowered-level fight scenes. The story is fun and I’m really like all the new characters added.

Lena Luthor would be my favorite new character. She just has great scenes with Kara and Supergirl. I just want her to interact with more characters sometimes. The one time she spoke with Winn, that was cool. I hope she gets more chances to speak with other characters besides her mother or Kara.

Mon-el is a fun guy. He has powers and no desire to help people, which is perfectly fine. I like how he wants to do his own thing despite Kara trying to push him into being a hero. He also gets some great scenes with Winn.

And I got to mention that Superman appearance in the first two episodes. That was super great. He smiled, was charming, liked helping people. He works great in the Supergirl show as both Superman and Clark Kent. Though, I mean, they’re just cousins, have some major difference in personality. But still, he was done really well.

The Flash, you know, I was kind of disappointed by Flashpoint. I thought it should have been a two-parter at least. The first one would be Barry, no powers, getting used to his new life. He has to get powers at the end of episode one because the world is a lot more messed up than just Kid Flash getting hurt by the Rival. Episode 2, he tries to fix the world so he can stay there but fails and has to reset Flashpoint. Not as extravagant as the comics but still more of an event.

Still, I like how Flashpoint remains important by being the reason everything is happening. And that Savitar appearance. He is just always menacing and imposing. Really great-looking with some great action scenes.

Arrow has been pretty good so far. Out of all the shows, I think I like Arrow’s fight scenes the best just because they can’t rely on flashy special effects. Their fighting would be the most realistic. They use guns and bows and stuff to take down criminals.

I thought Church was a good villain. It’s a shame he had to go so soon, but his final scene was pretty chilling. It was horror-movie lite.

I’m enjoying most of Arrows new team. Wild Dog can be annoying, but he’s still fun to watch. Ragman is great. Artemis has seemed to just be there in the beginning, at least until she starts getting more involved with the plot later on. Mister Terrific, though, he seems to be the most useless out in the field. He has no weapons while everyone he tries to fight does. And his hand-to-hand combat skills isn’t antwhere near enough to make up the difference. He needs some gear upgrads and fast.

I’m sure the Prometheus storyline would be more effective on me if I’ve been watching since season one. As is, he’s still a skillful and sneaky villain that works well against the Green Arrow.

Legends of Tomorrow, as goofy and dumb as the first season. Yet it’s not nearly as frustrating. It’s mainly because now, when the Legends fail during an episode, they get to fix it. That’s due to not having a villain that they can clearly beat yet needs to get away. Now, we get to see them have some triumph and mess-ups each episode.

New additions Nate and Amaya are both pretty fun. I really like Nate and his friendship with Ray. While I like Amaya, her power could be used better.

Still, Legends of Tomorrow is the most fun out of all the shows, I feel. It’s just a great excuse to romp through history, have great costumes and zany situations. And it all happens while dealing with the troubles of time travel.

In conclusion, all four shows are pretty good. You have to stand a certain level of cheesiness, though. You also have to stand for the characters being dumb just for the sake of drama. Because let’s face it, if the heroes did everything smart, Flash and Supergirl could easily solve certain episodes within the first ten minutes. Less so for Arrow. Legends of Tomorrow is somewhere in the middle since certain members are pretty powerful.


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